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Daughter Laura

I'm your average male father of 3 and happily maried.but like most you get horney at the first pair of tight daughter was always wearing skin tight jeans she graduated high school and was still living at home.
Her name is laura she is very pretty about 5'6"tall 100bs.a little skinnny and she still had small tits but her ass was to die for.she would wear skin tight jeans all the time.if she only knew what she did to me.
It all started one night my wife worked nights and i was on the net reading sex gave me ideas in i started looking up hypnosis and and read up on how to do it.
after learning all i could i decided to try it on Laura. shee wasin the living room so i came up to her and told her i wanted to try somthing just came right out with it.she trusted meso i had her sit in a chair and told her i wanted her to listen to me.stare in my eyes and start counting 1 to 100 mean time take my hands and push down on them steady. and while ur pushing down i will squeeze your hands .
this used all her sence.touch,feel,look,listen to my voice talk.while she counted.we started by the time Laura got to 20 she was out it was too easy.
I told her to close her eyes and listen to me.first i had to make sure she was not i told her to pick her nose and eat it.thats somthing she would never do if she was awake.she did it.i was thilled beyond belief.
Laura do you play with your self?
how often?
evry day
who do you fantsize about.
some of my friends no one in paticular.
have you ever thought of your dad?
no way hes to old and he is my dad.
ok Laura
from now on when ever you play with your self you will think of your dad.
it turns you on you know it not right but know one needs to know your fantacies.
from ow on you will do what ever your dad says.what ever he wants you to do and never tell any one.and always go on like nothing is different when other people are know it don'tmatter what you and your dad do as long as no one finds will imbarass you if i want it to you will be shy when i want you to and so on.
now wake up on the count of 3 and 1'2'3
Laura go take a shower while i put yor little brother and sis to bed.
i did not teel you about my other 2 brats sheala is 13 and ben is 12 i had to get them in bed so i can see if this works.
about 10 min later they are in bed and i go to the bathroom door.
yea.when you get done.come to my room so i can talk to you.
i had to be carefull case it did'nt work.
5min later
what you want dad
She was wearing a t shirt and underwear
and nothing else inocent enough but not for my pervert eyes.pick that remote up i left laying on the floor.she tuned around and picked up the remote squating so not to show me her panties.damb it i said to my self it must not worked.
wait she had no reson to show me anything.i did'nt ask.laura raise your shirt up a little.
she raised it up to just below her panties.
a little higher.she raised it i could see most of her worked she would never do this before.
can i put it back down daddy?
no not yet.her face was getting red with imbarrasment.please daddy no raise it higher so i can see your belly button.she lifted it on up.her belly was flat and firm i could see her hip bone just at the top of her pink panties.
her face was beat red.
daddy can i put it down now?
ok,she droped it and turned to leave.don't leave honey.come hear and sit beside got nice legs honey.i rub her legs and push her shirt up to show her panties again.
she pushed it back down. leave it up so i can see your panties.she pulls it back up.
she sits there like a little girl being molested as i feel her legs and then i rub her through her panties.she looks away as i grope at her.take your panties off .wwith out hesatation she pulls them off and sits back covering her self up with her hands .
move your hands .i start rubing her slit she dry to embarrased to be horney so i tell her to relax.and enjoy it.almost instant she got wet.take off your shirt she pulled it over her head. i sucked on her little tits.she could pass for a preteen they were so small if i didn't know she was 18.i was about to i pulled my shorts off.look at my dick honey you like it you want it.suck it.she stare sucking me taking me deep and like there was no tomorrow.
stop i don't want to come yet.
i pull her on my lap this is wrong you should be ashamed.
she was bash full again and acted like a little girl being molested
pulled her legs apart and had her stradle my lap.
she buried her face in my neck.i raise her up and position my dick on her pussy.i tell her to lower herself on she was i could feel her tight wet pussy throbing and griping my dick.i whisper in her ear tell me to stop
stop it daddy
keep telling me stop it daddy please stop workin and while you teel me
shestarted working her hips and thrusting into me stop it please daddy it hurts stop it .while she was doing this i reach around and stick my fingure up her nice round butt hole.and she came and i blew my load deep inside her.she was so tight i thought i was going to rip her apart.i could feel her pulsating every spasim i shot more cum into her i said be my slut and fuck me hard and she pounded up and down thrusting harder than i thought was posible for her little hips. we were done spent the most intence orgasium you could have we were both soaked with sweat.


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