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Fun Week of Sex at my Uncle's

I had a great week with Uncle Mike and Aunt Jennie so far and it was getting better. It was Saturday night and Uncle Mike and I had just gotten back from fishing at a private lake. Earlier we went out into the middle of the lake and dropped the anchor. It was a nice boat with plenty of room. Uncle Mike knelt down on all fours and crawled up to me. He reached up and tugged at my shorts and slid them down and off. I spread my legs as he gently began to lick my balls and suck them. He could just barely get them both in his mouth and suck them a little before one would slip out.
We had done this several times since the first time he blew me after catching me peeking at Aunt Jenny while she was taking a bath at my house at Thanksgiving. I really enjoyed being with Uncle Mike. He was a good friend a mentor and a great sexual teacher too. I never thought of him as being “gay” because I knew he liked to fuck Aunt Jennie. He used to leave their bedroom door open a little so I could sneak in and watch them fuck from their closet.
I was really hard by now and he began to slowly suck and lick my cock. He loved to hold just the head of my dick in his mouth and suck it like a kid sucks a lolly-pop. It felt so good feeling the sun on my thighs as he sucked my cock faster and faster, bobbing his head up and down on my aching dick. I could feel myself start to cum and he slowed down his rhythm. Sometimes he would get me close 7-8 times before he let me cum. Just as I was enjoying the tingling in my balls from him slowing down he gobbled all of my cock as I felt his lips brush against my ball sack. He started jamming his mouth down over my cock faster and faster and my ass came up off the boat seat as I blew a load of cum into his mouth. God it felt so good to have him suck the last shots of cum out of my purple straining cock head.
We stayed out for a while and caught a good bunch of fish. Then he blew me again and let me hold his head in my hands and fuck his mouth before we headed for the dock. That was the best climaxes I got from him kneeling in front of me as I fucked his mouth slowly at first and then faster and faster until my balls would be slapping his chin over and over. I pulled back and let him suck just the head as I stood there quivering fighting to keep my knees from buckling. Just as I was cumming I pulled back and shot onto his greedy tongue. Then I rammed my prick deep into his mouth and throat and spent the rest of my cum as he swallowed and gagged. My five inches was not that big but his gag reflex was strong and I loved the way it felt when his throat contracted and squeezed my cock head as I came again and again. He had a red spot on his chin from my balls bouncing off of it. I sat back and just sprawled onto one of the boat seats as he took a slug from a freshly opened beer and washed down the last of my cum with it. He started the motor and I sat on his lap and felt his prick pressing against my bare ass through his shorts. Sometimes he would cum in his shorts while I sat on his lap as we rode back to the dock. I felt him thump up into my butt crack as we rode over a wave. He was fully hard now. I asked “ Do you want me to blow you while we ride in?” He just kept me there on his lap. I could feel his pulse in his cock as it pressed against my ass. He was getting close to a nut when we got to the last channel marker buoy. He told me to get up off his lap and put my shorts back on.
We got to the dock shortly and put the fish into the live tank to clean later. We stopped by Mr. Pierson’s boat as we sometimes did. Mr. Pierson was a little older than Uncle Mike probably about 45 or so. Mr. Pierson’s buddy Hank was with him and they were both a little drunk and drinking beer. I looked over at Uncle Mike and he winked at me. “Did you bring him by to nurse again?” Uncle Mike grinned and said “Sure if he wants to.” “I want to” I said ‘both of you”. Mr. Pierson and Hank just grinned as they began fishing out their dicks and scooting close to each other on the big couch like boat seat. I knelt down and began stroking their half hard dicks slowly. Hank is around 53 I think I heard him say once. He was getting hard much slower than Mr. Pierson so I took him in my mouth first. I rolled my tongue around his cock head and sucked him half way into my mouth. I soon had him hard and began switching from one cock to another as my Uncle Mike watched and sipped his beer.

I had sucked them both off several times and enjoyed it a lot. I heard them bitching about being horny one day so I offered to jack them both off one at a time. Then the next time they asked if I would suck them off. Now I did them both pretty often. I had them both ready to cum pretty quickly. I felt Hank getting ready to blow his load so I bobbed my mouth down onto his cock until he filled my mouth with his thick salty grandpa cum. He started getting soft immediately and it was time to finish off Mr. Pierson. I grabbed his cock and jacked him off furiously until he was ready to cum. “Now suck it off for me!” he growled through clenched teeth.

Mr. Pierson has a big cock. It is like ten inches and thick too. Hanks is about my size (5 inches and kind of slim). I watched that ten inches pulse and bob for a few second before I took his purple cock head into my mouth. He came after about three bobs of my head down onto his shaft. Mr. Pierson hunched his hips and grunted loudly as he shot into my mouth and down my throat.

We left them both sitting there dazed and went up to Uncle Mikes house. We had supper and then Aunt Jennie started drinking wine coolers. By ten O’clock she was out of it, and passed out within an hour. “ Help me get her into bed.” Uncle mike said grinning. We got her onto the bed and Uncle Mike started undressing her. Soon he had her naked and told me “ I am going to fuck her first and warm her up for you” I helped him get her naked. Then Uncle Mike began eating her pussy while I stripped naked and watched. Soon Aunt Jennie was wriggling her ass and grinding into uncle Mike. He fucked her for a while and then stopped. He got her flipped over and on her hands and knees. He got behind her and she started really responding to his cock thrusts. Then he waved me over and pulled out of her big hairy pussy. Aunt Jennie Moaned and said “ keep fucking me now!” I stepped in behind her and got on the bed. I slowly pushed into her pussy and it was so warm, wet and tight. It took me a few minutes to really get going and then I fucked her like the Energizer Bunny, Uncle Mike got in front of her and fed her his long thin dick. It was so good I fucked her sopping cunt for about 10 Minutes and came deep into her just as she realized Uncle Mike was not in her cunt. She looked back over her shoulder at me with a confused look just as I finished cumming deep into her pulsing twat. I left the bedroom and heard her and Uncle Mike fighting over it all. I fucked her again later that week but she was passed out that time completely. She started moving some and pushing back into me but never woke up or opened her eyes. I hope one day she will let me fuck her or blow me when she is fully awake and sober.


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