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Grandfather Needs Cynthia (part 1)

I remember that night so vividly, that night I had once thought so tragic and awful, when my daughter Elaine showed up at my door with my granddaughter Cynthia. My daughter Elaine had always been a bit of a handful for my now deceased wife and me. You name it, drinking, drugs, loser men, yet Elaine still had her intellect, an intellect that always kept her on track with her work in school, leading to degree in business management and eventually owning her own business. I had finally began to think that the rebel days of her youth had vanished and replaced it with a better perception, but I was wrong.


Fifteen years ago, just as Elaine had finished university, she had met Kevin. Our whole family saw right through this asshole, and straight into his demented core. Of course, Elaine fell head-over-heels in love with this wacko, and shortly after graduation was knocked-up and married to him. What could we do, we loved her, we loved our granddaughter Cynthia too; so, we sat back, though not silent, and every now and then, picked up the pieces left from Kevin and his destructive ways.


Then, that awful night almost six years ago, I'll never erase it from my memory. I truly believe, next to holding the hand of my wife as she took her last breath of life, succumbing to cancer, this night, too, would be forever carved in my mind. It was a little after 10:00 that night, when my nightly news watching on television was interrupted by a non-stop ringing of the doorbell. I could not think who would be at the door that late, and as I neared the door I felt a surge of panic take over me, like I knew what I would find on the other side would be my worst fear.


Opening the door, there hunched over, was my daughter Elaine and little Cynthia. As my daughter looked up at me, my heart nearly stopped. Her face was badly beaten and bleeding, she could barely get the words out.


Cynthia said, "Grandpa, daddy did it again. He came home and trashed the house, and hurt mommy."


As I reached for Elaine, she collapsed in my arms and I brought her slowly down to the hallway floor. I ran and called 911, then rushed back to comfort Elaine. I watched her mangled body struggling for air, and I cried. By the time they got her to the hospital, it was too late. The doctor, who came to tell me my daughter had passed, said she had severe trauma to the head and internal bleeding, all of which led to tremendous blood loss, which was too much for her body to handle. That was almost six years ago.


Elaine was smart, and made sure there would be no complications in my getting custody of Cynthia, in the case of her death. With that prick, Kevin, behind bars, I was all Cynthia really had.


When Cynthia first came to live with me, she was a sad and timid 9 year old, who had been through so much in her short life. This, I believe, gave her wisdom far beyond her years. That first year was hard for both of us. I was 67, and was having to learn how to be a father again, which was, in a way, easy since I had always been a big part of Cynthia's life even before all this tragedy. Eventually, we both adjusted and fell into routines, her with school and friends, me with my early retirement and trying to start up a small internet business to pass the time. I have to say it was nice to see my Cynthia begin to perk up out of the gloom and become a happy 10 year old, and this brought sunshine into my days. I could not wait for her to walk through the door, after school, come in my office, wrap her arms around my neck and hug, and then tell me all about her day.


I guess you can say, my daytimes led to boredom more often than not, and this led me to fill my time with surfing the internet; which, of course, led me to porn. What a fascinating concept for an old coot like me, I can sit in the comfort of my own home and gaze at porn all day, and no one is the wiser. It has been ages since I've had the pleasures of a woman, and with all the tragedy I had lived through, I did not have time to pursue dating or the company of a woman. And, to be honest, I'm no spring chicken; all the drama in my life has probably aged me faster. I'm not in the best shape, gray and balding, and a bit of a spare tire for a mid-section. So, online porn became my convenience. It was nice to be able to download a dirty mpg, sit back, and stroke my cock as many times as I wanted to during my not so busy days.


Then recently, I stumbled on a site full of pictures and clips of old men with really young girls. My cock instantly came to life, pressing achingly against the confines of my trousers. Undoing my trousers and freeing my cock, I clicked on a pictured of an aged old man with white hair, dipping his tongue and fat finger into, what must be, the sweetest tasting hairless pussy of some pre-pubescent blonde. As I began to stroke my cock, I could not help but wish I were the man in that picture. Oh, how my cock ached, I stroked faster, my breathing quickened, and I felt the familiar tightening in my balls. I wanted to be that man, I wanted to lick that little girl's pussy, and taste her sweet nectar. I was so overcome by desire for this little girl and my cock erupted, spurting streams of hot white cum all over the place. It was such a release, I've not cum like that in so long, yet it also opened up a new need€”I needed a young girl.


I had just enough time to clean myself up before Cynthia got home from school. Today was her last day of school before the start of spring recess. This meant I would have her around most of the days for a week. I was looking forward to spending some time with her, and now I had even more reason to want some special quality time with her.


When Cynthia walked in the living room, after school, I drank her in. I had not noticed that she was actually beginning to bud small mounds where her once flat chest had been, and the sight made my cock throb. She was about 4 foot 6 now, and maybe 85 pounds the most, with strawberry blonde wavy shoulder length hair that looked so soft, and big dark brown eyes, which could always get me to do whatever she wanted. Shifting in my recliner, my mind was reasoning my cock into behaving. Her youthful beauty entranced me.


Cynthia flopped into my lap, wrapped her arms around me, and hugged me hello. Then chimed right in with the days gossip about who did this and that, what she got on her test in math, and how she and her friends were already planning her birthday party, which was two months away. I just gazed at her innocent beauty, and could not believe that she would be eleven soon. It was so comforting having her cozy up with me, we were close, and now I wanted to be even closer; but would she. I could not believe I was thinking this about my granddaughter, but I was. I wanted to touch her, to teach her, and enjoy her in everyway, but would she let me? I knew I had to put this out of my mind for the moment, as I felt my cock stirring. So, I suggested we go get ready to go out for dinner, making the excuse that I wanted to start her vacation off right, and she was only too eager to go.


After dinner, we decided to catch a movie. It was some teen horror flick she was begging to see, which I found boring and let my mind drift off to thoughts of Cynthia and my need to have her. Again, my cock sprang to life, and as it did Cynthia brought her hand to mine and clasped it tightly. Then, I did something, I had to test the waters; so, I brought her hand in mine to my lap and held hands against my bulging hardness. She didn't move, she didn't say a thing, so, I eased my hand from hers and left hers there alone on my hard throbbing cock. After a few minutes of her hand lying on top of my clothed erection, her thumb began to lightly caress my bulge. I thought I was going to explode right there. I didn't know if she knew what she was doing, or if she was just engrossed in the movie and thought it was my leg, but I was not going to stop her to ask. This went on for a while; the slow teasing of my cock by my, maybe unaware, granddaughter, and it was more than I could take. I excused myself to the bathroom, and stroked off, yet another, powerful wad of cum.


When we got home from the movies, I told Cynthia it was late, and time for her to go to bed. She hugged me, and thanked me for the movie and ran up the stairs to ready for bed. Before I headed off to my room, I checked in on her and said goodnight, then got myself ready for bed.


Shortly after I dozed off, Cynthia was at my bedside nudging me awake.


"What's wrong Cynthia", I asked. She was standing at my bedside, a bit pale and obviously frightened.

She said, "Grandpa, you shouldn't have let me see that movie, I'm scared. Can I sleep with you tonight?"


Now, I know I had died and gone to heaven. How could I say no to her, her eyes teary and mouth pouting, and an opportunity to feel her tender body next to mine.


"Sure honey scoot in here with Grandpa", is what I said.


Cynthia snuggled up close to me, and I could feel her body trembling with fear.


"Grandpa, my tummy feels achy because I'm so scared."


"How can I make it feel better?" I asked.


"Can you rub my tummy like you use too when I didn't feel good?"


I couldn't believe the luck I had just ran into. It was good enough, for the moment, having her little body next to me in bed, but now I was given permission to touch her body, and I was going to take full advantage of this. "Sure honey." And with that, my hand glided over her blue nightie, rubbing gently over her stomach.


"How does that feel Cynth?"

"Not too much better yet Grandpa."

"Sweetie, just relax and Grandpa will make it all better, you trust me right?"

"Grandpa I always trust you."

"Good, that's my good girl."


I kept rubbing her stomach, and slowly her body began to relax. With each swirl of my hand, I made sure that her nightie would rise up a little bit more. Then my hand felt the first contact with the skin of her stomach, so soft like silk, and my body tingled, waking my cock from its slumber. The motion of my hand began to cover more area, and my fingertips slid over her budding breast. They were not quite developed yet, but the youthful nubs felt wonderful under my fingertips. Cynthia's body was totally relaxed, and she made no effort to stop me from doing what I was doing.


"Grandpa that feels so nice."

"Cynth do you want me to keep rubbing?"

"Yes, don't stop. I feel so good."

"Well Honey, I know how to make it feel even better."

"Really, How Grandpa?"

"Let's get you out of this nightie so I can make sure I get all the spots that ache?"


I helped Cynthia off with her nightie, and now she lay next to me topless. I resumed rubbing her, only now, my hand went directly to her tiny breast mounds. Caressing one at a time, taking turns with each bud. My fingers twirled her pre-puberty nipples, and she moaned, not in pain, but in an obviously pleasured tone.


"You know you are Grandpa's special girl, and I'd never do anything to hurt you. I want to always make you feel good. Do you like what Grandpa is doing to you?"


"Oh yes Grandpa. I feel so warm, and it makes me feel good all over."


"That's good honey, because that means your body likes to be touched like this. Do you want me to make you feel even better?"


"MMMMM yes Grandpa," was all she could say as she was clearly getting lost in the new feelings her body was getting from my hands on her breast buds.


I lowered my lips to her chest, and slid them over each little bud. I couldn't believe how silky her skin felt under the calloused skin of my fingers. I suckled one of her buds into my mouth, not much there, but enough for my tongue to flick and lick, before making my way over to the other. Cynthia was moaning at each new sensation I was stimulating in her. I knew she was mine, and I could do whatever I wished. Kissing up her neck, and taking in the scent of her hair, which carried a hint of strawberry to match the color, I made my way to her lips, and pressed mine gently down on hers, and then, I let my tongue part her lips. She didn't object, she didn't fight, and she let my tongue touch hers. It was obvious that she didn't know what to do, so, I whispered in her ear, "Follow what Grandpa does with his tongue." She did, and soon, our tongues were teasing, and playing with each other. My cock was throbbing hard, and I eased it out of my boxers, letting it rest against her hip.


"Do you want to make Grandpa feel good like you?"

"How can I do that Grandpa?"


I brought her hand to my cock, and placed it over it. "This is Grandpa's cock. If you hold it in your hand and stroke it up and down, it will make Grandpa feel good like you." Cynthia began to rub my cock, her small hand fit snuggly around it, she stroked up and down, and not too fast. I thrusted my cock against her gripping hand, fucking it slowly, and trying not to explode yet.


"Do you feel good Grandpa?"

"OOOH yes baby girl, Grandpa feels really good. You are doing a good job. Can you kiss Grandpa's cock?"


Cynthia bent her head down to my cock and kissed the tip, then licked the bit of pre-cum that had escaped my cock. "Lick my cock sweetie, and then let it slide in your mouth." She was good at following what I said, and began to lick the shaft of my cock up and down. Her small tongue bathed my cock, and then she slipped it passed her lips. Her mouth, not wide at all, eagerly tried to take in as much of my cock as she could. "Cynth slide it in and out of your mouth, it will make me feel so good, and when that happens, I will explode my cum in your mouth." Cynthia sucked on my cock, up and down slowly, her mouth was tight around my cock and I knew I would not last much longer. I held her head and began to fuck her tiny mouth watching every inch that she could take disappear within her mouth. I couldn't take it any longer, "Ready honey, Grandpa is going to cum in your good little girl mouth." And with that, I let loose spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth. She couldn't swallow it all, and it began to seep from the corners of her mouth, trailing down her chin. She looked beautiful like that. When I pulled my cock from her mouth, I told her to lick her lips to my cum, and she did.


"Grandpa did I make you feel good?"

"Oh yes, Honey you made me feel really good, you are my good little girl."

(Part 2 will follow)


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