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Joey's Centerfold

Nina was around 5'8, her long, shapely legs already an attraction with a body that had shapes, curves and mounds all in the right places. Her oval face was accented by round, brown eyes, naturally long eyelashes and seductive, pouting lips, framed by soft, flowing dirty-blonde hair that cascaded to her shoulders.

So it perturbed him that his older sister wore the sheerest of clothes in the house, usually hot pants even when they were no longer in fashion, and midriff T-shirts further cut to reveal the underside of her round, full breasts.

Moreover, she constantly brushed against him, allowing her bra- less boobs to graze against his body. She'd also make suggestive movements such as flexing her knees with toes pointed while she sat on the couch beside him pretending to be unmindful of him. Or she would stand on tiptoe with her back to him and ask questions such as, "Do you think my ass is firm enough?" or, "Are my legs showing any muscle?"

If she thought she was turning him on, she was right!

It all came to a head one day as he came to her bedroom to retrieve a music CD. Finding the door ajar, Joey entered without knocking. There was his sister seated at the edge of the bed, freshly bathed, clad in a short bathrobe, but it was opened at her crotch and she was trimming her pubic hair with a pair of small scissors. One of her feet was propped on the edge of the bed as she leaned her head on the crook of her knee. She pretended to cover herself but only after making sure her brother saw enough of her exposed pussy lips and thick hood.

From that moment on Joey was in a constant state of arousal with his thoughts permanently invaded by the image of his sister's sexy pussy. His masturbation sessions more than doubled and it was always Nina at the imaginary receiving end of his cum-spewing cock.

Joey was convinced his older sister was trying to seduce him but he did not know what to make of it except pull down his pants and pull on his cock every lonely chance he got. It was placing his hormones on overdrive and was beginning to hate his hand for being the only relief.

Then he saw it. The magazine. His friends were fussing over it as he came to them. One of the more racy skin mags, the cover immediately caught his attention. The model looked just like Nina! It was a more mature look-alike, but it could certainly pass for her. No wonder his friends were climbing all over themselves to look at the mag.

He made up some excuse about having to head home and left his friends to tear at the magazine. He then took his bicycle and rode to the nearest magazine stall. He waited for the right looking person and asked him to buy the same girlie magazine for him. The man agreed, perhaps having gone through the same experience when he was young, bought the magazine and handed it to Joey, who waited a few steps away.

It seemed to Joey he couldn't get enough speed on his racer as he pedaled home. Finally he banked the bike into the driveway of his home, stopped in the garage, got off and leaned the two-wheeler on the wall. He then ran into the house, up the stairs and headed for his room.

Quickly undressing, Joey looked at himself at the full-length mirror. Being a gymnastics enthusiast, he was lean with muscle bulges at the right places tapering onto a flat stomach and long legs that made him look even taller than his 5'10 height. Getting the looks of his father, he was a head-turner among the girls in his school. But what was really impressive about him was his 8- inch long cock that was the envy of his friends.

Already seeping with pre-cum, Joey's cock was semi-erect. He gently grasped it and stroked it into complete hardness. Looking at himself slowly jack-off through the mirror turned Joey on some more. He then walked to his bed and lay on it, making sure he could still see himself through the mirror as he enjoyed watching himself masturbate.

Letting go of his cock, he picked up the magazine and quickly turned to the pages of the model he was lusting after. Just then the door to his room suddenly opened and in came Nina.

"Oh shit," Joey muttered as he tried to cover himself with the bedcover only to realize he hadn't bothered to pull them down and was lying on them. So he did the next best thing and covered his raging hard-on with the magazine.

Surprisingly this sudden intrusion hadn't frightened his cock into limpness but even seemed to make Joey harder than he already was. For there stood his sister in that same bathrobe that was now open straight down the middle, exposing half of each of her breasts and a fiery-red thong that left little to the imagination.

"What are you doing, little brother," Nina asked with a mischievous gleam in her eyes. Joey couldn't answer and merely swallowed. He knew it was quite obvious what he was doing.

Spotting the magazine cover, Nina blurted, "Hey, she looks just like me!" Approaching the bed, Nina teasingly asked, "Were you pretending that model was me?" Joey swallowed hard again. His hard-on just wouldn't go away.

"Well, let's see what she looks like," Nina continued. She picked up the magazine but quickly dropped it when she saw her brother's cock. "Oh fuck, Joey, you're huge! Did you get like that looking at someone who looks like me? I wonder how harder can you get if you saw the real thing?"

With that, Nina looked at her brother's eyes and slowly took off her robe. Joey's eyes widened. His sister was a goddess! Instinctively his hand wrapped around his cock and he again began stroking it gently.

Nina's breasts were firm and the right size: not too big and not too small, just like grapefruits. Her aureoles were pink with tiny nipples that looked they belonged more to a 13-year old.

"Like what you see, little brother?", Nina asked in a voice that was becoming tinged with lust. She then placed her left foot on the bed at his side and began fingering her panty-covered mound. Joey's eyes followed the movement and he noticed dark patches of wetness on her panties. He groaned as he felt a drop of pre-cum actually shoot from his cock almost an inch away. Nina saw it as her eyes were on his 8-inch meat. "Fuck," she exclaimed and quickened the rubbing motion of her finger.

Looking back at him with eyes slit with lust, Nina said, "I was masturbating too when I heard you rushing to your room." She then moved her panties to one side, exposing her labia, and slowly stuck her middle finger inside her pussy. They both groaned.

"You're beautiful, sis," Joey whispered hoarsely as he quickened his strokes on his cock. He knew he was near the edge. "Take your panties off. I want to see your pussy!"

Nina brought her foot down, rolled down her panties and stepped out of them. She then walked to the bottom edge of the bed, right in front of the full-length mirror and lay down spreading her legs so her knees were almost at the side of her breasts.

"Come watch me finger my pussy, little brother," Nina lustily invited. She, too, liked to watch herself masturbate. Joey knelt at her head and lifted his sister's head to make it rest on his left calf so his fuck meat was just at her right cheek. Now they could watch both themselves jack off.

"I want to see you come all over my body, baby," Nina purred as she began pistoning her pussy hole with two fingers of her right hand while rubbing her clit with the left. She had partially shaved her cunt so only a tuft of blonde bush was at the top of her slit. They both could see through the mirror pink flesh and pink clit heavily moistened now with Nina's pussy juice.

Nina turned her eyes to Joey's hand now quickly stroking his massive hard-on, noticing pre-cum leaking out of his piss-hole and trickling down his shaft and onto his fingers.

"Let me know when you're about to come, baby," Nina purred. "I want to come with you ... ahhhhhhh!"

"Yeahhhhhh," Joey uttered, feeling his balls churn with come. "Point your toes, sis," he urged as he increased the pace of his hand on his fuck meat. Joey had a foot fetish and liked to see pointed toes.

Nina did as she was told, spreading her legs more while pointing her toes. She turned her face towards his cock and licked the pre-cum that was now dripping on his balls. It was too much for Joey. His lust triggered and he cried out, "I'm coming, sis ... ohhhhhh ... fuck ... you're too sexy!"

Thick, sticky ropes of sperm spewed out from his cock head landing all over his sister's creamy body, on her legs, her stomach, her breasts. Seeing her brother's orgasm triggered her own and Nina groaned.

"I'm coming, too, baby, ...ahhhhhhh...fuck...oh godddd!!!!", screamed Nina as her fingers wildly twirled on her clit.

Joey felt he had come a bucket-full. His sperm was even now leaking on his sister's face as his orgasm died down. Nina continued fingering herself as little sparks of climax were still racking her 17-year-old body. When it was over she let her legs plop down on the bed, but Joey noticed pussy juice streaming down her slit to her butt and onto the bed.

"That was beautiful, Joey," Nina said gaspingly. Joey bent down and kissed his sister, snaking his tongue into her mouth. Nina lifted her head and mashed her mouth against his, sucking his tongue with her own. After a few moments she suddenly pushed her brother's face away. "Wait, wait," she urged her brother. She then started scooping up his come from her cheeks with her fingers and fed the goo into her mouth. "Now kiss me," she said lustily, pulling her brother's face to hers. They kissed again with tongues splaying against each other. Joey tasted his own come and was surprised it was turning him on.

Now it was Joey who suddenly stopped kissing and pulled his face away. He then scooped up his come that was on Nina's tummy, fed it into his mouth and again French-kissed his sister. They both moaned into each other's mouth. Their lust was beginning to heat up again.

Continuing to kiss his sexy sister, Joey slid his hand down to her stomach, kneading her body gently, down to the small patch of pubic hair and finally to her pussy and slowly inserting his middle finger. Nina lifted her cunt to meet his touch. "Ngggghhhh," again they both moaned into each other's mouth.

Feeling his touch, Nina groped for her brother's 8-inch prick, found it, and slowly stroked it into hardness. She then pulled her mouth away and said huskily, "I want to suck your cock, little brother." With that she gently pushed Joey onto his back and climbed over him in the sixty-nine position.

Nina held her brother's huge fuck meat with both hands and began licking the bulbous head. Pre-cum started to seep out and she reveled at the salty taste. She licked the head and then licked his shaft, going as far down to his balls. Holding his long fuck meat with one hand and his hefty balls with the other, she alternated between licking and kissing all over his manhood.

Meanwhile, Joey felt his cock grow even bigger as he saw his sister's pussy this close for the first time. Sniffing her pussy and seeing the glistening dampness on and around her mound set off little sparks of pleasure in his brain.

Joey first started licking his sister outside her pussy, lapping up her juices to get a taste of her young femininity. Then, opening her pussy lips with his fingers, he pushed his tongue in going as far as it would go and licked inside.

Nina squirmed and for a moment stopped her own ministrations on his cock to feel his tongue in her fiery cunt. "Go ahead," she urged her brother in a lust-filled voice, "Eat me. Lick my pussy. Lick my hot clit, little brother!"

Joey continued making wide laps on his sister's cunt, enjoying the feeling of her soft folds on his tongue. After a few moments he spread open the hood of her cunt and fluttered the tip of his tongue on her clit.

"Unghhhhh," Nina groaned in reaction and suddenly stuffed her brother's hard pole in her mouth almost gagging herself. She sucked it a few times and then just as suddenly released his cock from her mouth and got off him.

Surprised, Joey asked, "What's wrong, sis?"

In a voice thick with lust, she answered, "I don't want to come in your mouth. I want to come on that gorgeous cock of yours. I want you to fuck me, little brother, and fuck me hard!" It was almost a command.

Nina then lay on her back, spread her knees and pointed her toes. "You like seeing me like this, don't you, baby?", she cooed at her brother.

It was all he could do from cumming. Here was his sister only recently a figure of fantasy, now naked and waiting for him to fuck her. Joey positioned himself between her legs. She grasped his massive manhood and brought the head at the entrance of her vagina. He pushed slightly and the bulbous head popped into her pussy lips. He momentarily stopped to kiss her beautiful feet and lick her toes. Then he slowly pushed his cock in and out in small measures until it was buried completely in his sister's cunt.

They both groaned.

"God, you're big, Joey," Nina said in between short breaths as she pulled his neck towards her to kiss him. Their tongues met and heightened the incestuous heat of their copulation. Their passion increased slowly with Nina enjoying the fullness of her brother's prick in her pussy, and Joey loving the tight, warm moistness of Nina's fuck canal.

Nina then broke the kiss and hoarsely whispered, "Now fuck me, little brother. Fuck your slut sister. I want to feel your big, fat cock, sliding in and out of my hot, wet cunt. I'm wide open for you."

Hearing his sister talk dirty triggered a series of pleasure sparks in his brain and Joey began slowly pistoning his fuck meat in and out of his sister's tight pussy. He'd bring his cock until only the head was left in, and then he'd sink fully back into her love canal.

"Faster," Nina gasped. Joey increased his speed. "Aaaahhhhhh," they moaned in unison. Nina crossed her feet at her brother's back so she could slam her cunt at him as he pushed his cock in.

Nina was becoming incoherent. "Fuck ... faster ... deeper ... ohhhh ... ahhhhh ... shit ... so big ... clit ... on ... fire."

Joey also groaned out his pleasure. "Fuck sis, you're so hot. I can't believe I'm fucking you. Aaaahhhhhh!"

Joey fucked at will and Nina met his every thrust. The room was filled with the squishy sounds of cock fucking pussy, hips slapping against hips and moans and groans of a brother and a sister in incestuous sex.

Suddenly Nina cried out, "I'm coming ... gaaawwwddd ... I'm coming so hard ... fuck, fuck, fuck ... aaaahhhh!"

Nina's climax triggered her brother's lust. Joey buried his fuck pole deeply in his sister's pussy as he felt his come churn in his balls, pass through the veins in his cock shaft and seemingly tear out the hole. He cried out, "I'm coming with you, sis ... fuuuccckkk ... aaahhhhh ... unghhhh."

"Oooohhhhh, yes, come in me, baby .. unghhhhh," Nina moaned.

Brother and sister continued their fucking motions until their climax died down. Joey then reluctantly unsheathed his wilting prick from Nina's cunt and rolled to her side.

In between pants Joey told his sister, "I can't believe we just fucked."

"I can," Nina replied as she moved to lay her head on her brother's chest. "That's why I passed along that magazine to my friend and told her to give it to her brother. I just knew he'd show it off to his friends because the model looked like me. I was sure you'd get around to see it, too. So I told mom I wasn't going to school today and I waited around for you. What took you so long?"

"Are you kidding?," Joey answered. I practically flew to get here!"

"No, silly," Nina said. "I meant what took you so long to come around and fuck me. I was practically walking around naked in the house."

"I dunno," Joey replied. "It's not every day your sexy sister, who's wanted by practically all the men in school, offers her pussy to you."

"Well now you can have it anytime of the day and then some," Nina cooed. She pulled her brother's mouth to hers and kissed him. But after a few moments Nina withdrew her lips suddenly.

"What about your magazine?," Nina asked.

"Fuck the mag," answered Joey. "I've got my own centerfold right here." Brother and sister gave each other a lingering kiss.

(Later, why Nina seduced her brother.)


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