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Lunching with Aunt Rose

On sunday Gerald often went to lunch with his spinster Aunt Rose. It was a day he so looked forward to, as they had a very special secret relationship that had been in place now for about 2 years since Gerald was twenty. Geralds mother was so pleased that he was visiting her rather pompous older sister . The sisters never did get on well , Rose being rather strait-laced and bossy. She considered herself incharge of the family as the eldest and lorded it over her brothers and sisters. It was perhaps this overbearing trait in Rose that prevented her marrying, but she had aquired her own flat and worked as a bank cashier.

Rose was a tall dark slim austere lady with a long oval face and a rather pronounced aquiline nose. She had sharp features which seemed to fit her quick temper, and she did not suffer fools gladly. Her long hair was always neatly pinned up and was beginning to go grey , and she had wrinkles at the corners of her dark piercing eyes.Her arms were long and thin and she was a wirey, lively, strong active woman.
Aunt Rose was always dressed for sunday lunch and she expected Gerald to be smartly dressed in a suit and tie .Rose wore a floral dress with a matching blouse and had dark grey stockings with white high heeled shoes .

" Good boy your just in time to lay the table the roast is just about done."
Gerald pulled out the oval table, spread the white cloth, and carefully laid two places on opposite sides .He placed the silver cruet carefully on its mat with a decanter of red wine ,laid the knives and forks putting a serviette in each place. At that moment his Aunt entered from the kitchen with a plate of hot vegetables. She imperiously survayed the table ; " Good now put your kneeling mat underneath and come and carve the joint."When all was to his Aunts satisfaction Gerald pulled out the cushioned chair for his Aunt to be seated : this was her realm and she was queen of all she surveyed including her nephew Gerald ."Is all to your satisfaction Aunt ?" said Gerald . She did not answer directly but made herself comfortable , " Yes " she said " Now pour the wine and sit yourself down lets make a start .' Geralds manners were impeccable he passed the cruet and all the various dishes making sure his Aunt was served just as she wished .They ate in comparative silence with Gerald on his best manners ,holding his knife and fork properly and keeping his elbows off the table .

The meal was excellent and they sat drinking a second glass of wine . " I hope you enjoyed that Aunty ," said Gerald "Have I your permission to go under the table now ?"
Rose eased herself back in her chair , streched her long legs , " Yes Gerald Aunty is ready now under you go."Gerald was on his mat in no time he could not wait to service his Aunty . Firstly he removed her shoes and bending down he kissed her feet while gently massaging her calves and ankles . Rose sighed and settled comfortably in her chair, she was delighted to have him pleasure her, and she had trained him so well that he knew just how to please her .
From his vantagepoint on his knees under the table Gerald could see up her skirt and sometimes caught a glimpse of her white fleshy thighs above her stocking tops .He licked his lips at the thought of her pussy so wet and warm and fragrent ; he could hardly wait but he had been taught to take his time .He knew that in about an hour he would have his tongue inside his aunts lovely vagina lapping her juices as she moaned with delight .After about ten minutes Rose lifted her feet up and put them over Geralds shoulders ,this was her signal for him to to lick and kiss her knees . He had been taught to to use both hands and his tongue, massaging the knee joints .

" Take off my stockings now, Gerald good boy ." He released her suspenders and gently lowered her grey stockings kissing and carressing her legs as he took them gently down .She pulled him a little nearer to get her knees onto his shoulders and let her lower legs bend over his back . He was licking her thighs now and massaging as he went under and over her upper legs .He could see her white panty crotch and hear her sighs of pure enjoyment as he kissed ,licked and massaged this was pure heaven, he just loved every minute, he could do it for hours and never get tired .At last he pushed his nose into aunties crotch and breathed in deeply, oh the sent of her fanny as her juices began to flow he inhaled through his nose which was touching her damp crotch .Gerald was holding his aunties thighs now and gently rubbing his nose on her wet gusset taking in her liquid juices swollowing what he could ,licking all around the tight gusset massaging her ample thighs.

Rose groaned she was getting so much pleasure "Take them off now Gerald " she murmered "Aunty wants the full treatment "
She eased her buttocks up so he could take her panties down and he deftly drew them down over her hips sliding them down her long legs and slipped them over her feet .Gerald was quickly back in position between her legs his tongue out greedily his face thrust into her wet pussy .He drew out for a breath and gazed at her long wet outer lips shining with juice and her inner labia looking so tastey and inviting this was what he dreamed about ,oh Aunty what a beautiful cunt you have; he dived in again drinking her deep noseing her swollen clit as he pushed his tongue in and out .Lovely curly dark hairs surrounded her slit and the clit poked out from under his wet hood as if to say suck me, lick me, kiss me .Gerald circled around the wet lips which tasted absolutely delicious he was working hard and his face and nose were wet with Aunties juices . "Oh lovely thats lovely " said Rose as she pushed her hips into his willing face and began to rub herself up and down ; her fluids began to flow copiouslyand Gerald lapped them up greedily .Her clit was now prominant and he flicked around it with his tongue .She groaned , " Oh suck it " she cried "Suck it boy suck suck "Gerald latched his lips onto her clit and teased it with the tip of his tongue while his fingers entered her pussy to massage the wet passage .

This sent Aunty into extasy and he felt her hands holding his head firmly as she became more furious pushing her gentitals into his face rocking on his nose and mouth with a vibrant energy.His face was slimy now and he could feel the approaching climax like an exploding volcano. He was totally engulfed in her cunt when she let out an animal grunt and low scream : she quivered and spasmed gripping his head like a nut between her thighs and it seemed as if he would pass out for lack of breath .He gasped for air as she released his head and lay still in silence her wet cunt juices dripping down his cheeks and nostrils .

"Clean up time " his aunts voice aroused him from above the table .Gerald began to lick all around her cunt lapping and swollowing cleaning and drinking Aunty passed him down a paper tissue to wipe her throughly. " Now go and run my bath Gerald and while I'm bathing get all the table cleared and washed up everything in its place .'Yes Aunty,' said Gerald he knew the routine so well and he had proved to be a most obedient nephew now for 2 yrs .
Before he was allowed to go his Aunt like to inspect everything to make sure the jobs were all done and she could relax for the remaining afternoon and have nothing to do .

"I hope it is all to your satisfaction Aunt ," said Gerald with a slight bow ,"Can I do anything more for you before I go home ? '
"No thats fine now listen I will need you here sharp at 6pm on wednesday evening and make sure you are well dressed and on time do you understand?'
"Yes ofcorse Aunty I won't be late " he went down one one knee took his aunts hand and kissed it fervantly ; " You know I'm at your service to do whatever you wish' "
Rose smiled ," Off you go now give my love to mum and dad there's a good boy," she patted him on the head and quietly closed the door behind him.

Later that evening Gerald sat with his Mum and Dad .
"It amazes me ' said his mother how well you seem to get on with with your Aunt Rose ."
Dad laughed ," And me he said such a fussy cantankerous old biddy"
" Oh shes not so bad " said Gerald thinking of her juicy hairy pussy and gently licking he's lips as he wondered what she had in store for him wednesday.


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