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Lusting to Have Him

Her tongue had begun to swirl left and right upon the glistening head of the throbbing cock. She ever so gently moved her lips back and forth against its delicious flesh to feel ever inch sliding in and out past lips. Her suction grew stronger and the taste was much more divine then she could ever have anticipated.
She felt the pulsing cock quiver, and in her thrilled state she touched her teeth to the top and bottom giving him heightened excitement and danger which was very clear upon his face. Deeper and deeper she plunged his throbbing cock instantaneously feeling her own gush of cum drenching her lacey panties.
Pre-cum seeped from the tip of his aching dick while dripping onto her waiting tongue. This brought her mind to the point of pure lust as she felt the thick slime of his sperm coat every inch of her mouth. Tasting the extreme saltiness of his hot, thick cream forced yet another hard gush into her underwear, now soaking through to her bright white short and down her inner thighs.
Her moans of elation told him that she loved sucking on his rock hard prick, feeling his blood filled veins flow and ultimately swallowing that same slippery cum she loved so very much.

Do you like that honey? Do you like my lips wrapped around yourhardMmm, delicious....dick? Her voice was very deep and raspy as she lowered her head down atop his cock again.

Her mouth slurped and squished around his dick loud enough for anyone in the house to hear, but this didnt faze her at all, fore what she really wanted was this hard cock to explode deep down her throat.
Soon it would become a reality, and soon she would be able to feel the heat of his sperm dribbling off her red lips down her chin.
Faster and faster she sucked and louder and louder the noises could be heard, her fingers then reach beneath his tight ball sack and squeezed with sexual delight. She cracked the sides of her mouth as she listened to his loud moans erupting from his lungs. She loved the fact that her succulent mouth was giving such fantastic pleasure and reveled in the idea of taking this cock so aggressively.
The throbbing cock shook violently deep in her mouth; his eyes glazed over as he felt the tip of his dick slamming against the back of her throat. His expressions were of complete shock and lustful pleasure; his hands grabbed the sides of her face as he voluntarily began to fuck her face hole harder and harder.
His hips bucked forward then back, forcing his cock to slide in and out of her biting teeth. She grabbed the bass of his dick; gripping it, watching it and licking it with her lapping tongue waiting for his first explosion to strike any second.
She held her lips tightly against his dick and felt the first waves of his scolding sizzling jets fill her mouth. She was in absolute heaven as she started to swallow hard while gagging on the white slimy treasure. She didnt letting up on her sucking nor her harsh manipulation of his sperm filled balls.

Give it to me baby, squirt all your hot nasty cum in my mouth! She did her best to breath between each plunge of her mouth.

Harder and harder she sucked trying to gather as much of his cum as she could. His cock never stopped squirting the tons of cum into her gaping mouth. She moaned in lustful delight knowing she had loved going down on him when she had gotten the chance.
He hollered again and exploded past her lips and down her swallowing throat, his eyes were shut tight, not even the strongest crow bar could open them.
As the last spurt traveled up his shaft and onto her tongue he felt her teeth gently scrape his quivering cockhead; her luscious lips clasping onto the tiny hole, sucking every drop before it would end.
Quickly his body went limp and fell against the bed. Her mouth didnt leave his cock; her sucking remained devouring his sperm that also spilled along his waist. This forbidden sexual act sent her body into another spinning and explosive orgasm.

OHIMCUMMINGBABY...IM CUMMING! She screamed as loud as she could.

He thrashed his body back and forth on the bed, pleading for her to release his dick, but she didnt listen, fore she knew he loved it as much as she did. Her hand was held to the base of his slick cock jerking him off; her mouth popped from his young member while her eyes gazed upon it like it was her own Golden Trophy.
He screamed once more for her to stop her jerking fingers as he begun to grip the bed sheets trying to withstand the extreme pain and ultimate pleasure of having his cock gripped like a vice.
As she squeezed harder into his cock, she forced her grip up his dick to push the remained cum from his shaft and onto her tongue.
She lowered her head back to his aching dick and started eating every last drop. She could feel the veins of his dick shrink with the sides of her lips. The actions of her giving him a strong sexual blowjob made his body jerk and slam atop the bed.
The sheets were soaked with lustful sweat; cum that hung from her gaping lips fell to the sheets in a white slippery puddle. She lowered her tongue to the pool of young cum and licked it up eagerly. As it stretched from her lower lip she smeared it into her supple skin.

Mmm, baby you taste so good I just cant get enough! She said as that same nasty sperm slowly dropped down between her heaving breasts.

She purposely moaned excessively loud enveloping his cock; this caused the vibrations of her now husky voice to send shudders of electricity down his cock and through his entire body.
It throbbed and quivered as she then licked the very tip. Her jabbing tongue knew full well that the tip of his cock would be as sensitive as her engorged pussy would be after someone would have sucked on it for as long as she had.
With a lasting pop, she lifted her head up slowly. Her low cut blouse had somehow worked its way open revealing her rather large breasts.
The cleavage was glistening with cum and super hot sweat; her lips were covered with the same as her tongue shot out and swirled around very sexually to capture the last bit of his wonderfully tasting cum.
As he managed to gather himself, he pulled his head up from the bed and opened his eyes. As he brought himself back to reality, he found himself looking directly down into her drooping shirt.
He suddenly felt his loins jerk in excitement as he saw his Mothers huge tits for the first time. Not wearing a bra his Mothers succulent pink nipples were piercing through the extremely thin fabric. She moved away from his small young body not noticing that her barely 14-year-old Son was staring sexually at her heaving cum covered tits.
She smiled at him as she sat up then licked her lips while her fingers immediately began harshly pinching her bullets through her blouse.

Mmm, you like Mommys tits baby? She moaned with sheer excitement. Oh baby you haveMmm noOooohidea how I loved it when you used to SUCK on them as a little baby. Her body shuddered as she felt her Motherly pussy squirt violently again. You even made Mommy cum one time.ooh, you sucked my milk so So hard!

Her nipples were now clearly visible to his eyes as more of her lavender blouse hung freely off her shoulders. She then purposely reached down to her loose fitting white short and thrust her hand passed the waistband.
Her hand bulged in front; the fingers clearly wiggled back and forth inside her shorts to sooth her soaked pussy lips with her jabbing fingers. She licked her lips more and finally stroked the fingers of her free hand from the base of his young dick to the very tip. She began to swipe her Sons tiny cum hole around and around so she could smear his last bit of cum against her index finger.
He watched his Mothers tits sway openly, her blouse elegantly sliding completely off her sweaty skin. He cast his virgin eyes to her other hand buried deep beneath her bright white short, diddling her fingers between her legs noisily sloshing her privates. He was already old enough to know where her hand was and what it was doing.
He said nothing, but listened to this squishing sound; her fingers diving in and out of her Motherly pussy forcing her hot thick juices out from between her engorged folds. She was masturbating in front of him, but she never looked him in the eyes, she only stared at his 14-year-old prick twitching as it lay against his tiny waist dripping with her saliva.

Oh baby it feels so good when Mommy plays with herself like this! Her fingers jabbed faster and deeper inside her pussy as her own cum seemed to simply gush from its confines. OH YEAH,..ooohh.touch your cock baby. Stroke that little boy dick for Mommy!

While her hand was furiously fucking her own pussy she watched in amazement her Son slowly reaching for his little dick and gently placing it within his small palm. She opened her mouth and let out the deepest of groans as his fingers slowly wrapped around his shaft and began to stroke upward.
He still said nothing, but only kept his eyes locked upon her tits as they flew from left to right; his Mothers body quivered then shook uncontrollably as yet another orgasm quacked throughout her entire body. The sound of her fingers beneath her white shorts grew louder until such acts began to pour profusely down her tanned legs and onto the bed sheets.

Jerk that little cock baby boy.OOOH., jerk it hard for MommyJERK IT HARD! She exploded underneath her shorts, the fabric itself dripped of Motherly cum soaking through in enormous amounts.

She then quickly shifted her very adult body up around his knees, straddling his small child legs and allowed her hot dripping liquid to spill atop his skin. His small hand still jerked his little dick up and down; before her very own eyes his cock began to grow once more only a couple of minutes after he had his first earth shaking orgasm.
She was feeling the ultimate pleasure from her fingers as she fucked herself hard and fast. He stared in admiration as she continued her actions in front of him. His cock started to glisten more as he smeared his cum and his Mothers spit up and down his very young cock. She was so locked in severe incestuous lust all she could possibly think of at this moment was where shed love to shove her own Sons dick. She wanted it, she wanted it bad.
Suddenly she forcefully pulled her eyes away from his dick and then stared into his dark brown eyes. She quickly stopped masturbating and yanked her womanly-cum drenched hand from between her legs. She raised it to hover just above his stroking fingers and then watched her thick hot cream drip upon his bursting red cockhead.

My Son has the most beautiful cock that Ive ever seen. Her breathing grew harder as drip after drip coated every inch of this little boys dick. Mmmit looks, feels and tastes even better then your Brothers cock does. She said deeply as her eyes slowly closed for a moment.

She swung her cream soaked hand to her sore nipples and rubbed her cum into her own skin. Slowly her fingers traveled beneath each of her large breasts then gently trailed between and rested within her cleavage.
She then reached her hand close to his cheek then graced her fingers against the side of his face smearing her liquid around. Slowly she moved her hand down and over to his chin then up to his lower lip. His young hand flew faster and faster upon his young cock as he somehow knew what his Mother was going to do next.
A moment later, his Mothers fingers touched his lips and slowly pushed inside his gently opened mouth. Quickly she felt his tongue slither in and around her invading digits and tasted the strange pungent liquid for the first time. Suddenly reluctant, he tried to turn away from her fingers, but his Mother then reassured him that it was alright.
This action got her off immediately. For as long as she could possibly remember she had always wanted to let her own Son taste her thick hot com from her fingers.

Does Mommys cum taste good baby? She said in a very playful voice. Eat Mommys cum babylick it off my fingers like a good little boy!

She finally brought composure to her face and body. Her hand was pulled abruptly from his mouth and then lowered to her side. She slowly lifted her body from her Sons captured legs and stood atop the bed.
She spread her legs slightly so more of her cum soaked shorts could drip profusely upon him. Also while bending over towards him she wanted to see his eyes glued to her own hanging breasts which were also coated with the same Motherly cum that drenched his legs.
She loved this teasing action, bending over very sexually, tits hanging just above his waiting mouth and cum dripping down her legs had given her the sensation of control and absolute lust for her tiny little boy. She knew what she wanted next and exactly how to get it, weather he wanted to or not.
As she fully stood to her weakened feet, she looked down at her shorts and had begun to swirl her hand around the huge wetness between her beautiful legs. With an even wrier smile, she cleared her throat, since it was coated earlier with her Sons cum, and motioned for him to get up from the bedhis bed. She thought to herself, what better place to give an after school rewards then her own Sons bed.
He raised his weakened body from between her long beautiful legs and quickly glanced to her thighs and saw her legs were shiny with liquid all the way down to her ankles. Before he got up completely, he looked to his Mother standing atop his small little bed and smiled.

Now I want you to go and clean yourself up in the bathroom ok? She told him as she was still breathing rather hard. You have to hurry; your Father shouldnt see you like that. Hell be home soon!

She said this to him as he walked to the hall. With her white shorts high against her sexually slender hips, she again swirled her hand in hard circles against her aching pussy atop of her cum dripping shorts.
As he turned and dashed straight into the bathroom down the hall, she lifted her head towards the ceiling and took in the deepest of breaths. Looking around quickly she then pushed her hand back into her shorts and started stroking herself once more.
She had feelings running through her mind of how she would love to have his young cock buried deep between her sex; having his dick pound into her from behind while she pinched her own nipples. Wanting to feel of every inch of his throbbing boy dick, squirting his sizzling jizz inside of her sex crazed pussy. She wanted her Sons nasty sperm to swirl and churn deeply inside of her.
Thoughts like this were extremely immoral, and what she had done to him a few minutes ago had her thinking of worse actions. But she could not escape the fact that her 14-year-old boy had the most delicious cock she had ever tasted.
Feeling her Sons dick sliding in and out of her mouth made her cum violently and the idea of taking him right there in his own room made her shove three fingers deeply inside of herself. She stood with her legs bent slightly as she fucked herself quickly thinking of him slamming her harder and harder.

Oh sweetieMommy wants your boy cock. Mommy wants it so bad! She whispered to herself.

Her moans erupted from deep within her lungs and echoed all through the house. She gushed cum all over her fingers and down her legs. The growing puddle on his bed would be difficult to hide if her husband would see, but pushed the thought aside as she felt the waves of pure lust over come her.
Her Son hadnt come out from the bathroom yet and as she finished fucking her aching pussy she wondered what he could be doing in there for so long. She quickly put on her lavender blouse and fixed her crooked white shorts then turned to the hallway.
Stepping from his room she placed her extremely sticky hand to the doorknob and turned it. She opened it hurriedly and found her Son standing in front of the vanity mirror jerking his young cock hard and fast.
She immediately gasped at what he was doing and quickly stepped inside. He jumped as his mother quickly slammed the door behind her. He still had his cock in his hand and felt the shock of what his Mother had immediately begun to do before his very eyes.
She stepped behind him; staring at his reflection she placed her hands to the bottom of her loose fitting shirt. In one quick movement, she pulled it over her head and allowed her huge heaving breasts to fall against the back of his head.
He held his breath long as he watched her grab her nipples in each hand and pull on them to the point of pleasurable pain. Stepping to his side she then slowly turned her back to him and very gently bent over. She curled her thumbs into the waistband of her white shorts and slowly and quite deliberately yanked them down past her thighs down to her very pretty feet.
The massive amounts of cum that were soaked into her shorts splashed slightly as they hit the floor. His small young hand continued to glide up and down his hardened dick as he locked his eyes to her heart shaped butt.
While being bent over, her swollen pussy lips gushed clear liquid that also dripped to the white tiled floor. His mother remained bent for several second so he could finally see what her pussy looked like.
She felt the overwhelming passion tingle all over, and the thought of what he was doing while viewing her sex, made her pussy drip more of her wetness down her shapely legs.
He grunted loudly as his hand had begun to squeeze hard into his boy cock. He wanted the same pressure as his Mother had applied while she was sucking on it earlier. As he looked over every inch of her butt, he stopped to stare at her asshole and slowly licked his lips.
He had the incredible urge to swipe his tongue across his Mothers puckered asshole and find out just how delicious it must be, but perished the thought as he then brought his eyes to her luscious pussy.
It dripped profusely; some even dripped directly on her feet and seeped between her red painted toes. He suddenly felt like licking his young tongue between them to clean him Mothers feet from her own delicious cream.
He then brought his virgin eyes to her hand saw her reach behind her and slowly graces two fingers to her sore, pout pussy lips. She then spread them for her Son to see what mouth-watering surprises were hidden deeply inside.
She shoved one finger past her lips, then another, then another, she started to slide her fingers in and out of herself while she remained bent over for her young boy to see and lust over. Not being able to stand much more, she straightened her slim, shapely body and stepped between him and the mirror.
She was greatly taller then him so she gently moved her body back against the bathroom sink to sit slightly atop the marble counter. She then spread her les and curled her wet toes around the back of his knees.
He stepped closer to his Mother as more of her legs began to wrap around him. Her tits were mere inches away from his drooling mouth as she felt the heat from his breath grace upon her sensitive nipples. She then delicately placed her fingers to the back of his neck and pulled him closer until she felt his young body touch the inside of her thighs.

You want to fuck Mommys pussy baby? She said deeply as her fingers slowly circled into his short dark hair. Mommy wants that little cock inside of herwill you do that for Mommy?

In what seemed like an eternity, she looked into his eyes and blew in imaginary kiss to his lips. He didnt know what to do and his shaking body didnt help matters any as far as he was concerned. Her hands were now pressed fully to the back of his head and gently pulled him close enough to touch her throbbing nipple against his lips.
His mouth opened slightly and it was at that moment he heard his Mother sigh with fantastic sexual release. The instant his tongue touched her aching nipple he felt her body shake with enormous fury.
She jets her chest forward and plunged her nipple into her Sons mouth and yelped with delight as she finally felt him begin to suck. The memories of when he was a baby flooded her mind. The one time she exploded years and years ago, with him nursing upon her nipples didnt compare to the sheer delight of him now, biting, tasting and sucking her nipple like a piece of candy or chocolate.
She threw her head back and screamed for him to bite harder into her throbbing nipple. He did as he was told and also, on his own began to flick that same nipple back and forth with his tongue. He listened to his Mothers yells and screams of how good and fantastic his tongue felt upon her open breast.
She quickly took one of her hands away from his head and lowered it between both their legs. She was trying desperately to find her Sons hard throbbing dick so she could then shove it deeply between her extremely wet pussy lips, but couldnt do so because she was in heaven feeling her 14-year-old boy biting hard into her nipple.
She wrapped her legs fully around his waist and lifted herself higher onto the counter and looked him straight into his eyes.

Put your dick inside Mommys pussy baby.FUCK Mommy please PLEASE! Her voice rang of despair and anguish wanting her Sons cock to finally pierce her gaping hole.

Her thoughts of this young boys dick deep inside of her made her crazy with lust. The thought of finally taking this boy would fulfill a dream she had for a long while. Suddenly she felt the tip of this childs dick touch her pussy. Her mind flipped uncontrollably as more and more of this pleasure enveloped her entire body. It was then that she heard his delectable voice stammer to her ear.


The thought of her Son saying those words to her brought her off in an instant. Tons and tons of her own cum poured from her pussy and drenched his little cock. As her legs pulled hard on to his little body she forced the plunge of his boy dick deeply inside of her. His cock pierced her and instantly filled her aching pussy with is total eruption.

FUCK ME BABY.FUCK MOMMYS PUSSY FUCK ME! Her screams or incestuous lust could be heard through out the entire neighborhood.

He quickly grabbed her hips hard in his hands. She reached around and grabbed hard against her Sons little butt and felt his dick push its way into her aching pussy. She had him, he gasped as his dick squirted gallons upon gallons of his boy sperm deeply into her, she wailed at finally feeling the cock of another male sliding deeply past her lips, and yearning for him to fuck her like she had always wanted him to.
He looked down at his cock, it throbbed more and more as it quickly disappeared into his Mothers beautiful pussy. He suddenly felt her pussy grab onto him with her muscles and literally suck his young 14-year-old dick deeply inside of her. She could feel her Sons dick push its way in and out of her; her face was being slammed against his shoulder as she reveled in taking her won Sons virginity from hi, as any incest crazed Mother should.
She screamed out loud as his small young balls were slapping against her tightly puckered asshole. She quickly reached down and started flicking her clit back and forth, pinching it hard and twisting it up and down. Her boy was fucking her and this feeling, thought and action suddenly made her gush her hot, motherly cum again all over her sons dick.
He forced his dick deeper into his mother as he felt her squirt something all his waist and thighs. He could feel her cream dripping from his ball as he continued to force himself deeper and deeper.
She placed both her hands against the counter and pushed back against him so he could jab more of his young cock in to her gushing pussy. He was coming deeply inside his mothers pussy and she screamed and yelled at the top of her lungs. His thick hot cum squirted far up into her pussy and she came again as she relished in the forbidden act of being fucked by her own Son.
Her Motherly dream had finally come true and now as she tried her best to calm her body down she can feel her Sons dick begin to shrink inside her well fucked pussy. It was also then that she could make him fuck her anytime she could ever want.
Fucking her to the point of demanding his little boy cock up her pussy, in her mouth, and later on, sliding in and out of her tight ass. She would have him after elementary school, after Dinner and most of all at night in his own bed.
Oh the thoughts she had for her Sons dick was absolutely limitless. She would take his sex and do what ever she wanted with it. The thought even crossed her mind about sharing it, sharing it with her own Sister.
The incestuous act of her Son coming hard and deep in his Aunts tight ass forced one last gush of her own hot cum to squirt absolutely every, on the counter, on the floor and most important of all, squirting all over her Sons body.
She then pressed her heaving tits into his face and told him to bite her nipple hard, then sooth it with his suckling lips. He opened his mouth and bit down hard into his Mothers nipple.
She shrieked in overwhelming lust and hurriedly ran her hand between her weakened legs and scooped gobs of his own cum. She then reached it to her mouth and placed her fingers past her sucking lips. She left a gob of her Sons cum on her tongue and then shoved her tongue deeply into his mouth.
She grabbed his body and held him close, and then French kissed her young boy, so he could taste his own thick boy cum from her mouth. She had fucked her boy for the first time and she knew right then it would never be her last.


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