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Reenie doesnt know her own magic

Reenie was a curious girl. And the male species were full of curiosity when it came to Reenie. She was very petite for her age and her face was younger then her nineteen years that it wasn’t uncommon for men to think she was only fifteen.
Uniquely beautiful, Reenie had creamy olive skin, much lighter then her exotic origins would suggest; long dark brown hair, almond shaped eyes that were the colour of honey milk chocolate and stood out underneath her thick black eyelashes, and sensual pink pouty lips that drove every man who looked at her wonkers. She stood a mere 5’3 and weighed around 113lb and it seemed by the look of her that anything she ate went straight to her humpy rump, because her breast were perfectly proportioned to her small frame. But despite the gaping attention she received from men, older men at that, Reenie was too shy to reveal to anyone the sexual desires she hid inside her.

Ashamedly, Reenie didn’t find boys her own age even remotely sexually attractive, emotionally yes, but preferring the older men who she noticed gaze at her attentively when she was doing something not even the least bit sexy, like getting milk from the store. She associated older men to bigger cocks, especially older in-shape men. Men like her Uncle.
Reenie didn’t like incest but her uncle interested her because she thought he would be easier to entice then a stranger and he epitomised everything she wanted in a lover.
But Reenie was to shy to try anything anyways so she kept doing what she had always done to satisfy her increasing sexual appetite; she didn’t look at pornographic images because she always felt dirty after seeing them, Reenie read incestual stories, even the ones about a father and daughter, not because she wanted that, but because of her obsession with the knowingness of an older male.

He’s the hot Uncle with the not so uncle-ly thoughts

Little did she know, Uncle Cody, thirty five years old, broad, tall and athletic, did not go a day when he didn’t think of his little niece. He marvelled at how stunning she was, much lighter then the rest of the family, small but very nicely filled out, especially her meaty ass, and her pink lips that always looked moist. It always amazed him at how old she was because she didn’t look a day older then fifteen. He was always turned on by her haughtiness and quick temper that contrasted her sweet exterior, because Reenie got mad at little things, like a towel thrown carelessly on the floor by her older cousins.

Cody loved the way Reenie’s clothes fit her so snugly; her small skirts tight around the top of her hips then flaring out to finish on just above of her shapely upper thighs, her heavy hieny proudly creating a lump when she turned to the side, and her blouses that sat nicely across her tits and ended at her lower pelvis. Whenever he went to visit his brother, Reenie’s father, Cody always hoped that his niece would be dressed in this casual attire, and he was always rewarded because short skirts and sexy blouses were Reenie’s staple. Sometimes he was given an extra reward when she bent over to pick something up and revealed to him the splendour that was her ass, high in the air, her small panties digging into the gap of her bum.
But the show was always over as quickly as it had begun because his Reenie was as innocent as a flower and bending over to collect uncared for belongings is just what she always does, and this innocence is what made Cody want to stuff his meat up his brothers daughter the most.

Why did you ruin my good time?

Reenie carried on with her normal chores while her Uncle Cody and his wife chatted with her mum and dad about her fathers upcoming fiftieth birthday. She picked up the socks left on the floor by her careless brother, muttering at his untidiness. She could feel eyes burning on her but she didn’t want to see who it was, although she was hoping that it would be her Uncle Cody.
“My God he is so hot” Reenie thought to herself, thinking back to when the door bell rang and she answered it, tugging her skirt down from up around her waist because she was having a glorious time fingering her self, cursing for not putting any panties on and cursing whoever was at the door for ruining her party. Pulling open the door, she sucked in her breath when she saw her uncle standing there; tall, built, dark haired and devilishly handsome, with his prudish looking wife who Reenie didn’t like for reasons entirely unjustifiable. When her Uncle Cody leant in for the regular greeting kiss, Reenie swore she heard Cody take a sharp sniff when his cheek met hers, and was convinced that he could smell the juices that were swimming between her crossed legs, hidden only by her skirt. When they had moved to greet the parentals, Reenie flew to her room to clean herself, propping one leg on the bed while using a towel to clean out the juices from between her legs. Then she pulled on a pair of her smallest panties and went out to pretend she was cleaning up.

Snapping back to the present, Reenie retained her standing position and casually asked if anyone wanted something to drink and it was only Cody who responded with an affirmative. Reenie could feel those unknown eyes on her again as she sauntered off to the kitchen. She took the carton of orange juice out of the fridge, bending slightly to retrieve it, then moved to reach for the cupboard that stored the glasses and still, she could feel those hot eyes burning on her, but now she was sure that they were centred on her rear, which couldn’t help but be exposed as she reached high for a glass, lifting her leg to rest on the bottom cupboards for balance. And then, she knew that there was someone watching her, and it was that someone who she had wanted because she felt that hot breath that had greeted her at the door behind her and against her ear.

I’m just too horny

Cody couldn’t retain himself. He sneaked up behind Reenie his eyes firmly placed on her lovely innocently exposed rump, savouring the sight of her full bum cheeks, and heaved out a ragged breath close to her ear, and in almost a whisper he said “Ill get it”, reaching his muscular arm slowly towards the glasses, softly pressing himself deliberately against her, his pelvis slightly against her bum and grinding gently as Cody collected the glass and placed it in front of Reenie. He was lost in his own world of lust and wanting and didn’t move back an inch, instead leaning into her, his strong hands holding himself up on either side of the bench where she stood and he watched over her right shoulder as she poured him his drink. Cody breathed her in slowly, aware that the heat between his niece and himself was making his cock grow harder and harder inside his jeans. He took the glass that she lifted to him and sipped it slowly, still leaning into her, careful not to bear his full weight on top her, absentmindedly grinding against her rump. She didn’t move, only reaching behind her head to gather her hair on her left shoulder, and Cody breathed more of his lovely niece in, drowning in the scent of her cocoa smelling skin. Cody was lost in his ever growing horniness for Reenie. He was just about to take it a step further when he heard his name being called out. Surprised by the sudden interruption, he dropped the glass he was still holding sending the remaining juice splattering over the tiled floor. Cody cursed aloud. Cursed at whoever was interrupting him when he was just about to feel Reenie up and cursing at his clumsiness. Cody glanced at his niece through lust slitted eyes as she mopped up his mess. She hadn’t said a word during his assault, nor had she responded to his grinding, and Cody was confused as to whether she was too scared to say anything or if she liked it. He could hear something while he was contemplating this.

“Uncle Cody…Uncle Cody could you help me?” he heard Reenie ask.

She was staring up at him with her big brown eyes, her lips wet and slightly apart , her skirt ridden up so he could see the material that stretched tightly across her pussy and it took all his power not to pull out his hardened cock and violate her mouth.

“Sure babe” he responded, turning around to look for something to mop up with.
Cody walked around the house looking for something to mop up his mess, his mind occupied with his niece. He reached her room and he surveyed its tidiness, save for a few panties and bras thrown here and there. Cody thought about his chances to take a quick wank in Reenie’s bedroom with her panties wrapped around his cock to get him off. He abandoned the idea because he was sure that he would rape her soon afterward and picked up the towel that laid across her bed. Walking back towards the kitchen, lifted the towel to his forehead to wipe off the sweat of his desire and caught a misty scent as he breathed in. Holding it against his nose Cody whiffed in the unmistakable scent of pussy juices, searching with his tongue for a taste of what his knew were Reenie’s premature results of pussy pleasure. Cody found it and sucked it into his mouth, closing his eyes and wishing that it was his nieces warm cunt slowly grinding against his face. Cody came down from his high hearing his name being called again from outside. He looked through the glass window at his brother, Rennie’s mother and his wife sitting at a table drinking wine and laughing.
“Come and join us Cody!” his brother yelled at him.
“One minute!” Cody responded, walking back to the kitchen.

I am not a cock tease!

Reenie lifted her head to see her uncle coming toward her with the towel she had used to clean herself up. Her face turned pale red and she shifted her eyesight away from his, sitting up to tug down her rising skirt then bending down again to continue mopping. She didn’t shift her position away from her uncle as he knelt down in front of her to help clean. Her head was lightly bumping into his as he cleaned the same spot as her. Reenie could smell his aftershave, deep and strong, and she closed her eyes, lost in its fragrance. She felt those eyes on her again but she kept hers closed, biting on her bottom lip then parting them, let her tongue wet her upper lip as she felt that breath on her again, on her face, and Reenie rubbed her legs together partly because she felt so good, and partly because she was trying to hide the rude gap in-between her legs. She felt that hot, panting breath on her lips before it was in her mouth, her uncle’s tongue slithering out and into her parted lips, searching and connecting with hers, stroking and winding around in her mouth as she responded to him. Reenie opened her eyes and watched as her uncle greedily fed on her mouth and tongue then surveyed her surroundings, thanking her lucky stars that they were on the floor and the height of the sink sheltered her ludicrous act from the absentminded eyes of her parents outside. Reenie closed her eyes again and responded more feverously to her uncle. She could feel his large strong hands stroking the tops of her exposed thighs, disappearing underneath her skirt then back down again, and heard the sound of a zip being pulled down. She could feel her panties becoming wet at the excitement she was feeling and let her uncle take her dainty hand, placing it inside his jeans where she felt something hot and raging hard, which she knew could only be his penis. She shuddered, letting her uncle lead her hand continuously up and down the long and very thick shaft. Reenie was sure that their panting could be heard throughout the house, but still no one came to disturb them. She didn’t respond to his hand gently urging her to part her legs and he broke their kiss, moving to her ear where he sucked and stroked with his tongue, pressing her on to open her legs for him, her hand still buried in his jeans where the tempo at which Reenie stroked him had increased.

“Please Reenie”, she heard him pant urgently against her ear, his other hand still trying to force her thighs open.

Reenie began to think about what she was doing: “this feels really, really good’ she thought to herself, letting her uncle kiss her neck and playfully nudge her tits. Reenie could feel the stickiness of her Uncle Cody’s pre cum coating her hand as she blindingly jerked off what she thought would have to be an at least eleven inch long dick. Reenie was lost in this ecstasy, slowly responding to her uncle’s prodding hands on her thighs, but still she was thinking about the morality of the situation.
‘I have wanted this… but this is my uncle… my UNCLE!” she continued. Reenie suddenly felt disgusted, immediately pulling her hand away from the throbbing monster and pushing uncle’s chest away from her.
“Ugh!’ she spat out, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and standing up to straighten herself out. She saw the bewildered look across her uncle’s face and pulled a face.
“What the hell happened there?!’ he asked and she could see the lust mixed with his bewilderment.
“Get AWAY from me’ she hotly answered, turning her back to him, grabbing the soap and washing her hands of the evidence of her sluttiness. Reenie heaved heavily in and out, wanting to take a good hot shower to get rid of the icky feeling she had all over. She felt her uncles hands moving up her legs and she didn’t like it, turning around and almost kneeing him in the face, if only he hadn’t leant back to avoid it.

“Don’t touch me, you disgusting pervert”, Reenie huffed, hurriedly walking out of the kitchen, but she turned back around because she thought she heard her uncle say something that sounded a lot like ‘cock tease’.

Reenie swung back around and angrily responded in defence.
“I… am…not… a… cock tease”.

Baby, y
our sending me mixed messages

Cody stood up and looked down at his much shorter niece. He was so close to cumming all over her hand that he was sure he was going to rape her right there and then if she didn’t shut up.
“Actually Reenie’, Cody replied, cockiness growing on him, ‘actually you are”. Cody advanced towards her and saw a scared look cross her face as he leant in towards her ear, pressing his torso into hers, rubbing his still exposed cock up and down underneath her skirt and along her soft inner thighs. Cody used one hand to inch up her skirt and the other to hold her hand and guide it towards his heavy balls, motioning her fingers to cup and tickle his sensitive sacks. Cody noticed the tears running down her eyes but could hear the heavy panting that escaped her parted pink lips. He looked outside, his brother was still talking to the two ladies, and Cody realised that his rude act could easily be discovered. Still Uncle Cody grinded his naked shaft along his nieces thighs, carefully pulling up her skirt, and fondling the protruding nipples of her breast through her blouse. Cody gazed at his niece’s stunning face, smiling at the dazed look on her face, even with her eyes closed and moved her hand back onto his nearly exploding cock, moving her hand accordingly to stroke and wank him, lowering his mouth to her ear yet again to let out a satisfying “yeeeeaaaahhh”.
Cody let go of Reenie’s hand, smirking at her new found acceptance, and let her stroke him by herself with both her hands on his cock, lightly using his own fingers to stroke her own sex, teasing her by running his finger softly on her pussy through her very wet panties, digging his fingers into her labia, fingering her there up and down slowly. Cody liked where this was going; he thought about his fantasy, right there in front of him, her hands bringing him off while his own hands worked its magic on her. Cody heard a soft moan escaping Reenie’s open mouth and worked harder to bring her off, savouring the feel of her ever increasing wet undies and he felt one of Reenie’s hands moving down to gently cup his swollen balls. Uncle Cody was becoming delirious. He could feel the overwhelming sensation of ejaculation coming and he pushed Reenie to increase her pace.
“Faster Reenie” Cody huffed.
In a lightning blur, without the slightest warning, a crushing pain took over the pleasure that until then consumed Cody. In excruciating pain, almost to match the pleasure of just five seconds ago, he realised that not only had his niece squeezed his testicle much too hard, she had just repeated her kneeing manoeuvre, this time successfully delivering the blow to his balls. Cody yelped in pain, holding onto to his now collapsed penis and numb testicles, falling forward onto the floor, hitting his head on the bench at his descent. Cody couldn’t believe her, breathing in heavily to ease his aching pain, certain she had broke his precious tool.
“You fucking cock teasing slut” Cody hissed to Reenie, watching her straighten her self out again. This was the first time Cody had swore to Reenie and he saw that scared expression cross over his nieces face again, but he wasn’t surprised when she shot back a response.
“I told you I’m not a cock teaser UNCLE Cody”
Cody smiled to himself, because he knew better.
“You might want to stop dressing like a slut Reenie’, Cody answered, slowly tucking his still sore members back into his pants, standing up while zipping his jeans closed
“I don’t dress like a slut’ Cody heard Reenie say hotly, that anger he loved rising slowly in her voice. She was getting ready to leave the kitchen but Cody grabbed her wrist and spun Reenie around.
“You’re a slut Reenie, and your sending me mixed messages,’ Cody said, his face close to hers and he could see the fear in her eyes, ‘you liked your hands on my cock and my hands on that sweet thing you got down there under your skirt, and I bet… oh no don’t shake your head sweetie’, Cody continued, grasping his niece s’ hand tighter, ‘I bet you wanted me in you, eh Reenie?’ Cody whispered slowly, ‘you wanted it Reenie, I can SMELL it, you wanted me all the way in you”. Cody let go of her suddenly, turned around and headed outside to join the others in the backyard, and didn’t bother to respond to her remark of “pervert”.

I liked it, no loved it, but ill never say it

Reenie didn’t lift her ashamed face to watch her uncle depart outside to join her parentals and his wife. She was trying really hard to stop thinking about his fingers planted on the place that only she had, until about ten minutes ago, touched, and his shaft against her leg. Reenie knew that she didn’t respond well to accusations, especially those that she knew to be true, and refused to admit to herself that yes, she had indeed led him on and that yup, she did like, no love the feel of his erect cock in her hand, but never will she say it even to herself, and especially would she not admit it to her Uncle. As much as she wanted her fantasies of an older male to come true, which nearly did in the form of her much desired Uncle, Reenie wasn’t that brave.
Right now she really wanted a shower and waited for her Uncle Cody and his wife to leave the house before she surrendered herself to the steaming hot water of the shower tap, trying her best to wash away the imprints of her Uncles hand and penis, and leaving her head to burn under the water, hoping the memories of the afternoon in the kitchen would escape into drain.


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