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The Ice Maiden

It had happened moments before and there I was sitting on the loo in an upmarket restaurant in London angry, disgusted, humiliated and confused. Angry that I had been picked out; disgusted by what had been said; humiliated by my reaction and confused that I had not controlled the situation better. Before continuing with my story I suppose I should say who I am, why I was there and why I was so badly affected and then you may understanding my position.

My name is Katherine, not Kath, not Katy not Kathy, only Katherine. I am married to Alexander, not Alex or Al. We met at university, I as nineteen year old undergraduate and he a twenty five year old post-graduate. We set up house together within a month of meeting, well I say house but it was a flat. Alexander fitted out the flat, which was, years before it became fashionable, minimalist. Everything was immaculate, white, black and bare wood. We could eat off of the floor, everything was in its’ place!

Alexander was and is immaculate! Never a hair out of place, bathed twice a day, shaved twice a day, never ruffled, never ever sweated – he was the most sophisticated person I had ever met. Classically educated at the very best public school, he could quote the classics and frequently did, especially to those he knew were less educated than himself. He is tall and slim and very good looking. I was bowled over and he moulded me in his image. Within two years of achieving his PhD he was offered a place on the board of a small company within the city and now five years later he is a director of a large financial institution based in Geneva. I in turn have achieved success and now I am a very senior manager running a huge department in the Geneva based office of a London based corporation.

My reputation with the senior staff in the company is of an incredibly efficient manager who had few problems with staff, with innovative ideas, who is always impeccably turn out and who could be wheeled out, at any level to represent the company. I was clearly earmarked for higher promotion. I am not naturally a good man-manger as I’m too aloof, but I had been very lucky early on the promotion ladder when one my staff, a young man, had major personal problem. It was affecting his work and despite my Ice Maiden image, which had given rise to my nickname within the company, I quite accidentally got him to talk to me. Despite my icy persona I do understand people and between us we put in place a recovery path with which he adhered. From that day, although I remain emotionally cool and detached, I made sure my office door was open and, he must have talked, as quite quickly my staff responded to me; from that day I never had problems.

I had better complete the picture and describe my self. I’m tall, five foot eight, very blond and blue eyed; Alexander has told me I’m bordering on beautiful, which for Alexander is a huge endorsement. I’m very slim, but with a very good figure. My bust is firm and requires no brassiere, not that I would ever dress without one, as Alexander would not approve! I have a small waist and nicely rounded hips and with very long fine legs, which are well toned and defined without being over muscular. My hair is short almost bobbed so that it frames my face and it, like me, is always immaculate. I dress in the manner which some years ago was known as ‘power dressing’, usually in suits or costumes. Alexander has trained me well!

Our life together was and is very predictable, Alexander ensuring we were seen as the perfect couple in all the right places, talking to the correct people, always dressed correctly for the occasion, socialising with the ‘movers’ and always correct in everything we said and did. Our private life was just as impeccable. I was not allowed to have body hair not through any sexual deviancy but because Alexander thought it cleaner. When we made love, he always wore a condom so that I would not get pregnant. Children were not on our agenda and he even doubly ensured that by having a vasectomy. Even after that he still used a condom so that there would be no mess.

I travelled to London frequently for meetings and, as my kudos rose, my visits became more and more frequent. The company always booked my hotel, which was one of the large ultra modern establishments, clean, efficient, impersonal, and cold, and it suited me well. I had travelled on this occasion with one other senior member of staff and one of his juniors. On the first night it was obvious that they were not just work colleagues, much to my disapproval as not only were they employer and employee, but also both of them were married and not to each other! On the second night I avoided them and ate by myself in the hotel. On the third and last night I had no choice as a senior director had invited us to dinner at an up-market restaurant near the hotel and so we all ate together – at least they were discrete! The tables were well spaced so we could discuss business without being overheard and consequently the conversation was virtually entirely business related.

Halfway through the meal, when there was a break between courses, I excused my self and made my way to the loos. As I passed the table closest to the loo, set slightly away from the rest I heard a voice say “Look at that! I bet she would beg for my big black meat.” I was stunned! I could not believe what I had heard. Looking round to see who had said it I saw two coarse black men sitting on the table I had just passed and both were looking insolently at me, it had obviously been said for my benefit. Neither of them were too clean, both had stubble on their faces, neither were young and both in their late forties. They wore lots of gold chains and could obviously afford to eat in such an up-market place, but I was surprised they had been allowed in. Neither was well dressed, with sweat stains under their armpits and they both had beer bellies. As I looked at them they both smiled, well leered really and I fled to the loo. Reaching the loo I had to hold on to the basins for support, I could not believe what I had heard. Pulling my self together I crossed to the toilet and closing the door behind me I pulled my panties down, they were sopping, it was as if I had wet myself. I was stunned and as I took stock I realised my nipple were erect as well. God what was I thinking! All I could hear in my brain was ‘big black meat’. I stayed in the loo for quite a while trying to calm my self down. With some trepidation I left the loo to return to our table – I had no choice I had to pass their table! As I reached the table the one with his back to the room, and so unseen by everyone else, pulled his trousers tight over his groin displaying a huge mound, leering as he did so and said so only I could hear “This is yours tonight.” I fled! Reaching my table I was trying to recover my composure when the director asked me if I was all right, as I was very white. I pulled my self together and made some excuse about ladies problems. I tried to act normally but as I looked up I realised that my seat was facing their table across the room and they were leering in my direction and staring at me. Every time I looked up my eyes seemed to be drawn to them, it was as if I couldn’t help looking in their direction and I couldn’t stop their eyes catching mine – I was like a moth round a flame. I couldn’t wait for the meal to finish and for the evening to conclude so I could return to the safety of the hotel. I would normally have relished the opportunity for such an occasion with a senior director, but I was completely thrown by my body’s reaction to those dreadful people.

At long last we were able to leave and the three of us walked back to the hotel. They suggested a quick drink before turning in and as I was now in the safety of the hotel and desperately needed a drink I agreed. We were standing at the bar, they with their backs to the room, when I realised the two black men were seated across the bar ogling me again and one of them touched his groin and smiled. I was stunned as my body reacted again, my nipples became erect and my pussy started to tingle – they were everything I hated in men and yet I couldn’t help it, their overt maleness overpowered me! My colleagues didn’t seem to notice and both threw back their drinks and said that they would see me in the morning. I was frozen to the spot knowing that I should flee to my room, but my legs would not work and so I just stood there holding on to the rail at the bar!

The barman had gone into the cellar and the bar was now empty. I knew they were coming over, I could feel them – on safari I had noted the impala knew when a predator was there even before they could see it or smell it and I had the same animal instinct screaming at me. As soon as my colleagues left the two black men crossed over to the bar, I could feel them coming, and they stood either side of me; they were both short and pretty unattractive. I was like a statue and didn’t even move or object when one of them grasped my bottom and pushed his fingers into my crotch from the rear. The one who had fingered his groin, who seemed to be the leader, lent closer to me and said quietly so as not to be overheard “We’re both going to fuck you. You’re going to take both our black cocks so let’s go to your room.” And we did. Almost in a daze I led the way and they followed, to the lift behind the bar near the loos, not the main one in the foyer. Once in the lift and on our way to the tenth floor the leader said “Suck my cock!” Alexander thought oral sex was perverted and dirty so I had no experience at all, but I did as I was told and fell to my knees on front of him and as he pulled down his zip I reached for his cock. He did not seem to be wearing underpants and his cock just fell out – it was huge! Alexander is about five and a half inches, but this was eight or nine inches and it wasn’t even hard! I grasped his soft shaft and put the knob in my mouth, I had to strain to get it in and immediately the taste hit me – I should have been completely repulsed but instead I ran my tongue around the knob and into his peehole. His cock was growing in my mouth and I could not believe what I was doing or what it was doing to me. My nipples were bursting, my pussy tingling, my body tingling and I could feel my panties were drenched. Ping! The door arrival bell rang and jumping up I tried to gather myself together, he stuffed his cock away and just smiled showing his surprisingly white even teeth. As the door opened I could see with great relief that the corridor was empty and we moved the two doors down to my suite. My hands shook as I inserted the plastic key card partly because one of them had his hand on my bottom, with his fingers tracing my crotch, and partly because I was so aroused. I burst through the door and they followed.

As soon as we were inside they started undressing me and in no time I was only in a lacy brassiere and panties. I stood unable to move as they leered at me sending shivers through my body, and as I watched they pulled off their own clothes. I stood frozen gaping, my eyes huge as their bodies were revealed. Both were incredibly black and enormously broad shouldered with potbellies and very, very masculine. The leader’s body was by far the more powerful and I shuddered as I looked at him. My eyes were irresistibly drawn to their groins where they both had huge flaccid cocks hanging down and had enormous ball sacs, ten times bigger that Alexander’s – the leaders was clearly the biggest. I couldn’t take my eyes off them and almost reached out to touch them, but before I could move they grasped me and dragged me to the bed ripping my undies from me as they did so. They both sniggered as they saw my shaven pussy and the leader said “I can’t wait to push my cock in there. Get her wet down there for me, she can suck me off first!” “Okay Winston!” replied the other who immediately pulled my legs apart and thrust two fingers into me – God he was rough and although I was very wet it hurt, but as he entered me I thrust my hips onto his fingers, I couldn’t help myself. I now knew the leader was Winston who at that moment pushed his huge cock against my face and as I opened my mouth he pushed the knob into me. The other one’s fingers were thrusting into my pussy and my body was really reacting, my pussy was dripping, my nipples stood on end and my tummy was fluttering. I could taste Winston’s cock again as he wanked it into my mouth, working his hand up and down the shaft. “Lick my shaft, wet it for me” and I obediently licked the full length of his shaft leaving my saliva as a lubricant, running my tongue up and down his silky brown skin. It was now huge at least eleven inches long and very thick and as I returned to his knob he thrust it through my lips and into my throat. He held my head with one hand and wanked himself with the other. He suddenly pulled out and laying back he laid on the bed, his rigid cock pointing towards the ceiling. He then pulled me around on to my knees and bent me over, thrusting his cock into my mouth and holding my head down on to it as he wanked his shaft up into my mouth. The other one was now behind me and I could feel his cock being rubbed up and down my pussy and then he thrust into me, there were no preliminaries, he just thrust his full length into me. God it hurt, I was sopping wet, but it hurt! It was huge and completely filled me and I could feel his groin against my lips and his balls against my clit. As he thrust into me I gasped and Winston took his opportunity to push his cock deeper into my mouth, I was now filled entirely at one end and gasping for breath at the other, I was being fucked, really fucked! I could not believe how my pussy had adjusted to the other one’s cock and now as he thrust into me there was only a little pain and I pushed back onto him. Suddenly he began to shake and swear “I’m going to give the fucking white bitch a black baby. Push you fucking bitch, push!” And I did as I was told as he exploded deep inside me, his sperm filling and filling me. Simultaneously Winston thrust his cock further into my mouth and came. My mouth and throat flooded and I had to swallow so as not to choke, I swallowed and swallowed but it still ran down my chin, my neck and onto my chest. As he spurted for the last time he pulled his cock out and splashed it on to my face on my mouth, my nose and my eyes, he then proceeded to wipe his enormous cock all over my face into my hair, over my eyes and chin – I was covered. The other one withdrew and it seemed to take forever for his cock to come out, as it was so big.

They turned me around so that I now faced the other one’s wilting cock and for the first time I appreciated how big it was and how thick it was. I had been fucked and completely filled by a black man who had come inside me and I didn’t even know his name! “Suck me hard again you bitch” he said as he pushed his cock into my face. My mouth opened and my tongue licked both my juices and his, along the full length of his shaft. His cock was now hard again and it had to be ten inches long and my hand would not really fit round it, although it was no where near as fat as Winston’s. Reaching the top again I placed my lips over his knob and he drove it into my mouth. Winston meanwhile was kneeling behind me rubbing his huge cock against my pussy lips and with no warning he thrust his whole cock into me. My mouth opened in shock and pain and the other one pressed his cock into my throat. I pushed desperately against him and managed to gasp for breath. Winston was now fully embedded and was thrusting into me hitting the inside of my stomach - my pussy adjusted remarkably quickly and I returned his thrusts, pushing back to get as much of him as possible. It was twice as big as Alexander’s was and yet I had taken all of it. The other one withdrew his cock until it was just on the edge of my lips and he was wanking it furiously, it bobbled against my lips and nose and chin. Winston suddenly thrust even deeper and shouted “What do you want you white bitch? Do you want a black man’s baby? Come on you bitch what do you want? Do you want my baby?” I couldn’t help myself I was coming and coming in a huge orgasm and as he started to spew his seed into me I shouted, “I want your baby! Your black baby! Fuck me! Fill me up!” As I shouted he filled me with his sperm pushing his cock as deep as it would go, my womb seemed to swell and swell. This was too much for the other one as he splashed into my mouth and then all over my face and hair.

For a moment or two there was silence and then Winston said “lick me clean and then do Steve.” I did as I was told, as they lay side by side, with me in between them. At least I now knew the name of the first man who had ever actually come properly inside me. I knelt in between them and as I licked and sucked them they grew hard again. Winston then pulled me up between them so that I was lying trapped between the sweaty bodies. He then pulled me towards him and they both turned inward. I now had one sweaty fat beer belly pressed again my tummy and one in the small of my back and I had a cock pushing into my groin from the front and one from the rear. They were covered in sweat, as was I, our sweat intermingling. They reached down and ran their cocks all over my pussy, which was wet in its own right and absolutely covered in their sperm. Their cocks were now dripping wet and Winston, who I was facing, lifted my leg onto his side opening up my pussy. He then told me to put his cock in me and so reaching down I grasped his huge cock and as I put the knob against my lips he pushed his knob a little way into me. Steve was busy behind me and suddenly I felt him trying to force his cock into my bottom – I screamed “No!” but to no avail – I was trapped between them and couldn’t move. Steve just thrust his cock through my sphincter muscle and into me; I was in shock with the pain. I don’t know how far he had entered me it just felt enormous and it was so painful. Thank God it was the smaller and thinner of the two! As I was still adjusting to Steve’s assault, Winston thrust deeper into my pussy and it felt as if my lower body was being torn apart. They were both thrusting now and amazingly my body was beginning to cope and I was taking both their rock hard cocks simultaneously, I seemed to be taking huge amounts of both cocks. It seemed to go on forever and, despite the pain, my body eventually couldn’t control itself and I started to orgasm and orgasm, shuddering, shaking and moaning aloud. And as I came so did they, both at the same time, Winston filling my pussy and Steve my bum. They remained embedded in my pussy and bum for quite a while, as our bodies lay interlocked. Eventually they pulled out both at the same time and as Steve’s came out the sharp pain momentarily returned. I could feel bucketful’s of their sperm running out of my pussy and my bum all over my cheeks and my thighs.

We lay for about ten minutes recovering; I was still trapped between them. I could smell their sweating bodies and their sperm! I also realised I could smell my sweat and my juices – they were all intermingling. Winston sat up and said that he needed the toilet and told me to go with him. I couldn’t believe what he was saying but obediently I went. He stood there at the loo and told me to hold him as he pissed – and I did! His cock was now flaccid but it was still huge, at least nine inches long and very thick. I held his soft silky cock in my hand and directed the torrent into the pan and I could feel the vibrations as the torrent pulsed through it – I watched fascinated looking at his cock, his piss and my small white hand holding that huge black hosepipe. When he finished he didn’t wipe himself or anything, he just pulled me back to the bed. Returning to the bedroom, I was stunned it was as if a bomb had gone off, the bed was completely wrecked, absolutely covered in their sperm and my juices. Steve lay there on his back with his potbelly and jewellery, with his cock still half-erect. Pushing me roughly towards him Winston said “Lick him hard again.” I was horrified, I stopped before reaching the bed staring at Steve’s cock feeling his sperm still pouring out of my bum, where his cock had just been. I looked pleadingly at Winston and his puck like face split into a beatific smile his white teeth beaming. Still looking at me he said “Go and wash yourself you dirty black bastard, I can’t have my beautiful white princess sucking that!” Steve grumbled a bit but went. I had walked out of the shadows into the sunshine; I was revelling in the compliment and his implied ownership – I was Winston’s! Winston lay back on the bed and I immediately, without being asked or told, took his the knob in my mouth. I couldn’t help myself and I pushed my tongue into his just used peehole tasted him and then I deep throated his flaccid cock, I took almost all of it down my throat before I had to pull it out gasping for breath. I took a huge breath and as his cock went down my throat again, I caressed his huge balls and suddenly felt his hand gently caressing my hair. I think I would have done anything for him, if it had been his cock in my bum I wouldn’t have cared I would have sucked it – I was his slave! The moment of intimacy was broken by Steve’s return and I now had to alternate between them. It took me ages to get them hard again, maybe an hour, and then they fucked me again, filling me with their sperm and making me plead with them to give me their black babies. Finally we were lying exhausted, all three of us together, when Winston said “We’re going to stay all night and we’re going fuck you in every hole! Do you want us to stay?” I heard myself, as if in a trance, very specifically say “I want you, I want your baby, please fuck me.”

And they did! In every possible position and every hole – they may have potbellies and no longer be young, but they were sexual athletes. Winston was too big for my bum and he only got the knob in, but he still came in there as well - I noted he washed himself afterwards. They left at seven in the morning after Winston fucked me yet again filling my pussy and womb; Steve was no longer hard and so sat and watched. As Winston came I had held him to me, holding his cock deep inside me, my legs wrapped around his body pulling him into me, my body wracked by a huge orgasm. After they had gone, I stood in the shower stunned, shocked and horrified by what I had done and horrified by my deep depravity – it took me ages to get their sperm out of my hair and out of my body. My pussy and bottom were red raw, my jaw ached and I found walking difficult. I cleaned up the room as best I could but I knew the maids would realise that there must have been an orgy. I was late and had no time for breakfast, booking out I rushed to the Company; I had never been late in my life, but I only just made the meeting by the skin of my teeth. Luckily I did not have any great input on this last day and I managed to go through the day without betraying myself.

As I sat in the meeting, my thoughts went back to standing in the shower when the realisation had first hit me that they had come inside me lots and lots of times, filling all of my holes and in particularly my pussy and hence my womb. I wasn’t protected – I could have caught anything! And I could be pregnant! Thinking back, considering the state I was in and still trying to clean myself in the shower it was odd that I had had another thought, they had not kissed me once nor had they touched my breasts – it was sheer animal sex! It was their overt crude animal maleness, which had caused my body to react as it did and for me to be dominated by them and I had succumbed to it! I had not been coerced or bullied, I had just been overpowered by their masculinity and had obeyed their every command allowing them to use me as they wished and I had come and come as they did so. I had begged them to make me pregnant and at the time I had meant it, I had pleaded with them every time I came! On reflection I realised I must have come at least ten times during the night and I had no idea how many times they came inside me. In my mind I could still feel that last hot splash of Winston’s sperm as it hit my insides and I started to shiver again. Standing in the shower my thoughts had gone back to that last time, in my mind it was the six-o-clock shag, I had been the instigator. I had been the one who had reached out unbidden and had caressed Winston’s cock hard again, gently caressing his cock and those huge balls until I felt him stir. I was the one who had rolled on her back, who splayed her legs and pulled him on top of her. And, although my pussy was very sore, I was the one who placed his cock against my poor pussy’s lips and I was the one who wrapped her legs around his body pulling him into me. It was I who thrust her hips onto him so that his huge cock was fully embedded inside me again. I was the one who came and came, and as I came pleaded in his ear, my lips and tongue caressing it “Give me your baby! Give me your black baby! Give me all of your magnificent cock. Fuck me! Please.” And in the middle of my orgasm my heart nearly stopped when as he came deep inside me he whispered “You’re my beautiful white princess, my baby’s mother!” I wish I had glued my mouth to his and made him touch my breasts that last time! I couldn’t help but be pregnant!

Despite my fantasies, I had decided I had better get the morning after pill as soon as possible, but I had had no time before getting to the meeting. Sitting there I wished the day away so I could get to a chemist, but the meeting went on and on and we were late leaving for the airport. Reaching the airport we had to rush through to departures, thank God for VIP reception, and at last I could get to the chemists – they had none! Even worse the flight was delayed and eventually took off at ten. By the time we reached Geneva and I got into town the chemists were shut so I looked for the nominated emergency one – Damm! It was our local one and the Pharmacist was a friend of ours who knew that Alexander had had a vasectomy would know that I didn’t need anything other than condoms, which Alexander usually bought there. I had no choice but to go home.

That was nearly two months ago and I am pregnant! Secretly I have booked an abortion, which is being done tomorrow, explaining to Alexander that I had a business appointment out of town. Payment is not a problem as we each have our own accounts. I have had other checks done and luckily I have caught nothing – Phew! Four days after I returned Alexander wanted sex and it was terrible - antiseptic. Luckily my pussy had returned too normal and he didn’t notice anything unusual, I did however as he felt so small and so sterile. Alexander may be male, with a penis, but he may as well be neuter. He only makes love to me because it is the required thing to do, probably rated no higher than cleaning the car. It was not really making love at all it was just sex in a totally difference sense than that with Winston and Steve. He was totally lacking in emotion, even his kisses were sterile and I might as well have been one of those blow-up sex dolls. As he pushed his small condom covered penis into me, all I could think of was those two enormous uncovered cocks pounding and pounding me, splashing their sperm inside me and impregnating me. I actually feel disloyal to them for getting rid of their black baby (I’m convinced that it is Winston’s) and secretly wish I could keep it and give birth to it and to go through the pain and ecstasy his huge cock deserves. Every time I feel my tummy, my pussy gets wet, my nipples become erect and my body starts tingling.

I very nearly came unstuck when Alexander found a sheet of hotel paper stuffed in my case. I quickly explained I had kept a few sheets with some meeting notes – my notepad had failed. With that he immediately ran up my notepad saying it’s okay now and forgot all about the paper. After he had gone I looked at the paper and there was a name and a mobile number scrawled across it. Winston must have put it there and I had not noticed. I am due in London again in ten days time, this time for week. I know I will be using that piece of paper as soon as I get to London. I think I had better get some morning after pills in!


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