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What happens in Vegas

I was always a horn dog growing up. Some of my earliest memories are of me playing "doctor" with all of my childhood friends. Boys, girls. It didn't matter, we didn't know any better. How was I supposed to know at age 5 that sucking another boys dick was considered Gay? I didn't know what gay was. All I knew was he'd do it back and it felt really good. My female friends would also suck and play with my dick if I did the same to their pussies. It was an equal trade and a lot of fun.

How I initiated these "sessions" with my friends is still sort of a mystery to me. After we had done it once or twice it became as simple as giving each other a specific look, or nodding toward the bedroom. But generally that first time would happen because of something with completely innocent intentions if perhaps a little bit naughty. Generally speaking it would only take so much as me mooning one my friends to get things going. I'd moon them, they'd moon me and then one thing would lead to another.

I want to point out that nothing ever happened. That is to say I was too young to cum. But the sensations I felt were very real and very enjoyable. As I grew up and learned about sex, and procreation and all the dangers and risks involved with it I came to understand that what I was doing as a kid was "wrong", and stopped. But I was still a horny bastard.

By age 20 I would get an erection at the sight of even the slightest sexy figure. The girls in the SEARS catalog were enough to get me hard. A woman wearing tight pants or a short skirt on TV was enough. Keep in mind this is in the 90s. And my dick was hard about 90% of the time. Like I keep saying I was a horn dog. In fact by the time I turned 23 I had lost my virginity and was fucking pretty much any girl I could my hands on.

Fast forward about 7 years.

I was 30 years old. My sister Elizabeth was about to turn 20. I had recently lost my long term girlfriend and thus lost my apartment, forcing me to temporarily move back in with Mom and Dad.... and sis. My parents took full advantage of the situation often leaving me home to baby sit her while they went out to dinner or to movies and such. I can't say I blamed them, there wasn't really anyone else to trust as a babysitter.

Me and my sister had a normal, healthy relationship. Nothing had ever happened before between us (mostly due to the age difference) and I had never even thought of her in that way until this night. My room was right next to hers and apparently she decided to take full advantage of Mom and Dad being out of the house because I could clearly hear her masturbating on the other side of the wall. At first I thought she was crying. But it didn't take long before I recognized the noises as moans of pleasure. It was quite amusing I thought and after awhile she stopped moaning and the house was peaceful again.

But before I could even know what to think about the fact that my little sister masturbates she had started up again. This time it lasted for a good half hour and the more I listened to her moaning in pleasure the more aroused I started to get. Before I knew it I was jacking off to the sound of my little sister jacking off. Afterwards I went out to the kitchen to get a drink of water, what had just happened didn't seem real. It felt like some crazy fantasy I had thought up. Did I just jack off to the sound of my sister moaning? Maybe she was crying after all? Maybe I imagined the whole thing?

On my way back to my room my sister stepped out of hers. The smell of pussy and sweat drifted out into the hallway from both her room and from underneath the long T-shirt she wore as pajama's. The smell drove me wild. There was no doubt in my mind now that she was indeed masturbating. What I heard did in fact happen. And I had jacked off to the sound of my sister masturbating.

The thought weirded me out and turned me on at the same time. For weeks I laid awake at night listening to the wall. She didn't do it every night but every time she did I would start jacking off. She was quite an orgasm machine. Sometimes going on and off for five or six hours a night. A few times I attempted to go outside and sneak a peak through her window, but she had closed her blinds well and her room was pitch black. I started thinking about her in a sexual way more and more. And the more I thought about it the more it seemed like a good idea for me to fuck her. She obviously needed a good fuck. She was obviously programmed to be just as horny as her big brother. I played doctor as a kid. As far as I could tell she never had the opportunity.

Well opportunity came. My family was invited to attend my aunt Jenny's wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jumping at the chance to visit the one and only Las Vegas we all flew out to our aunts wedding. The wedding was nice. But Vegas is awesome. And after the ceremony was complete me and my family must have walked the entire Las Vegas strip 8 times looking at everything there was to see. By 7pm Elizabeth was tired to call it a day. My parents were purchasing tickets to a show when I faked fatigue as an excuse to take Elizabeth back to the hotel rooms.

On the elevator up we both talked about the need to shower and how sore our feet were from walking all day. We also talked about maybe having Pizza for dinner since there was a great smelling Pizza place by the Casino down stairs. Once we got to our floor we decided to hang out in mom and dads room instead of going to our own, that way we would know when they got back and could suggest our Pizza dinner idea. Elizabeth immediately called first dibs on the shower as I sat down on the edge of our parents hotel room bed and removed the shoes from my aching feet.

As soon as I heard the water turned on I started thinking of ways I could sneak a glimpse of her naked. Climb out on the balcony and peer in through the window? No there was no way out there? Go next door to our room and see if I can find a spy hole of some kind? No thats crazy talk! If only I had thought of buying a tiny wireless video camera like they have in the movies. Maybe I could come up with an excuse to have to walk right in the bathroom door. Explosive diarrhea? No. Maybe I could claim I forgot she was in there? Thats stupid.

And before I could think of a good excuse I heard the water shut off. Damn. She was done already. I had missed my chance. And then I heard the familiar sound of my sister masturbating! The bathrooms acoustics were amplifying her every sound. This was too good to be true, instead of muffled moans I could barely hear, her every breath was audible. My sister cussed like a sailor as she rubbed her clit. Her breathing was heavy, the sound of her fingers fucking her pussy was faint but clear. Without even thinking I was sitting on the edge of the bed naked from the waist down jacking off to this High Definition performance of my sister orgasming.

The the toilet flushed! She was done. Already. This meant I had roughly 5 seconds before she would come walking out that door. I had to move fast. There was no time to grab my clothes so I jumped under the sheets, grabbed the TVs remote control and pressed the power button just as she opened the bathroom door.

"FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OOOOH DEEPER!" screamed a womans voice on the TV. PORN!?! Porn on the TV? What the fuck?

My sister stood in awe looking at the screen as a woman took a dick from behind. I quickly turned the channel and pretended I to watch Letterman.

"What were you watching???" my sister asked in a half surprised half giggling voice.

"Nothing." I said unconvincingly. "I was just flipping through the channels, I dunno what that was!"

"Uh huh." said Elizabeth not believing a word of it. "Go back, I want to see what it was!"

Thinking this might be my chance, the modern day version of mooning my childhood friends I changed the channel back and sure enough there were the couple in lust fucking doggy style.

"This is on the pay per view channels! Why did you order this?" Elizabeth asked.

"I didn't it was here already." I protested. It seems my parents had purchased an 24 hour pass for the adult film channel late last night/early morning.

"Mom and Dad were watching THIS?" she said in amazement. "Thats crazy! But still you shouldn't be watching it and jacking off in their bed!"

"I'm not. I was just flipping through channels!" I said again.

"Than why do you have a hard on?" she said as she pointed to the obvious erection under the thin hotel sheets.

"I... I don't." I said as I sat up in a lame attempt to hide my lump of 7 inch man meat.

"Oh really?" she said as she suddenly pulled the sheets back exposing my fully erect dick to the cold air conditioned room.

"Then what do you call that?" she insisted.

"What the hell?" I said without thinking and I wrapped both my hands around my hard as rock dick in a vain attempt to cover it.

"See, I knew you were jacking off. You do it a lot. Sometimes I can hear you through the walls at home." she said, he eyes fixated on my dick.

"You can hear me? I hear you all the time. I heard you just now in the bathroom!" I said as I removed one of my hands and slowly stroked my shaft with the other.

My sister turned red, I could tell she was embarrassed at the thought of me listening in on her.

"Thats messed up." she said.

"I'm messed up? Well you know you could STOP staring at my dick any moment now." I said pulling the foreskin back all the way down my shaft and holding it tightly in my fist.

"It's really big. Bigger than that guys!" she said pointing to the penis on the TV screen.

"Do you want to touch it?" I asked cautiously.

Without saying a word she sat down on the edge of the bed and ran her small fingers up the length if my dick and then grabbed it hard. Her little hand squeezed my dick really tight as if she was trying to crush it. I could tell she had never handled one before.

"Why does it get so hard?" she asked.

"To make it easier to have sex. See on the screen, he slides his dick into her vagina. That would be really hard if it was soft." I said motioning to the television.

"That looks like it feels really good." she said.

"Oh its way better than masturbating," I said. "sex feels better than anything else in the world."

"I wanna try it really bad!" she said with a hint of frustration in her voice.

Taking that as my cue I slid my hand up to the bathrobe she was still wearing and untied the belt. As it swung open the smell of her wet pussy immediately filled the room. A look of surprise and panic suddenly came across her face. Her breasts were already starting to develop with some really cute puffy nipples. I slide my index finger down her tummy toward her pussy which had just a peach fuzz amount of pubic hair. Very close to the same color of brown as the hair on her head.

But as my finger passed her pelvis and headed for her pussy she grabbed my hand to stop me. She didn't say a word. Sensing she was hoping to keep this a one way street kind of situation I took her other hand and removed it from my dick.

"Hey!" she said in disappointment, not liking that at all.

"Why should you get to have all the fun?" I said.

With that she let go of my hand and I put hers back on my throbbing cock. It was on now. I slid my middle finger down the center of her slit and curled it just enough to slide the tip inside that sweet, wet, warm pussy. She gave a little gasp of surprise as I slid my finger in up to the first knuckle, then she sighed a little as I started stroking it in and out of her pussy. Before too long she was moaning again and started to stroke my dick as the woman in the porn was doing on screen.

Every now and then she would stop stroking to play with the precum that had found its way out of my prick. She would swirl it all over the head of my dick with her finger and then lick whatever was left off.

"Hey, you wanna try something really fun?" I said knowing full well what the answer would be.

"Sure!" she said.

With that I lifted my almost 20 year old sister off the ground, spun her around and planted her belly down and face first toward my veiny throbbing cock.

"Do like I do." I instructed her just before I began licking her pussy. It took her a few moments for it all to set in, at first she just laid there on her belly looking at my dick and moaning as I ate out her pussy. Then she remembered my instructions and started licking my dick. Her little tongue was all over the place. She licked from the base of my balls all the way up to he tip of my prick. She licked it like it was an ice cream cone and then as I started fucking her pussy with my tongue she started sucking my dick like it was a hose.

As she watched the woman in the porn suck the mans dick she mimicked it as best she could. Stroking my shaft and sucking the prick. Licking my balls and sliding her tongue up and down. It was about then when she stopped and moaned louder than I had ever heard before.

I had made my little sister cum.

Her pussy was still dripping wet and positioned perfectly over my face when she finished orgasming.

"Wow. That felt amazing." she said trying to catch her breath.

"It gets better!" I replied.

"It does?" she said in disbelief.

With that I rolled her over onto her back and used my still throbbing dick to spread her small, pale-white legs apart. The look on her face was one of anxiety and anticipation. But soon broke into a coy looking smile.

"This is what I was thinking about in the bathroom." she said with a giggle.

With that I kissed her lips and slowly slid the head of my cock into her hot, wet pussy. Immediately she began to moan. Her pussy was so tight and so hot that I was worried I would cause her physical harm. But with each slow and deliberat stroke I carefully slid deeper and deeper into her dripping pussy. As our tempo quickened so did her moaning until we were putting the porno couple on TV to shame. I could feel her little heart pounding through her chest. Her short legs were barely capable of wrapping around my waist as I pounded her pussy. At one point she wrapped her arms around my neck and lifted herself off the bad so she could assist in humping my dick even harder and faster. Realizing I had created a 13 year old fucking machine, I decided it would be best if she was on top.

Laying on my back Elizabeth wasted no time in positioning herself over my massive member. She quickly got into a sqauting position and slowly lowered herself onto my cock. It took her a little while to get the hang of the motion but before long she was bouncing up and down on my dick and squeezing her puffy tits. I could tell the extra work was starting to tire her out as my dick slipped out a few times frustrating her greatly. With a lick of my thumb and began to rub her clit allowing her to hump me a little slower without losing the sensation. Leaning back further and further and further, creating more friction with her clit, Elizabeth eventually came again and callapsed on my chest completely exausted.

"You're still really hard! How do we know when we're done?" She asked looking at me with her big blue eyes.

"My dick will stay hard until I have an orgasm." I said squeezing her perfectly little ass with one of my hands.

"You haven't come yet?" she said.

"Not yet." I replied.

That seemed to make her more determined then ever as she sat up and rolled over into her knees sticking her perfect little ass and pussy into the air!

"Fuck me until you cum. I don't care how much it hurts or how long it takes!" she proclaimed!

Not wanting to waste a moment I got on my knees behind her and grabbed a hand full of her long brown hair pulling her head back. I placed my over hand on the small of her back to keep her steady as I began to fuck her brains out doggy style. Elizabeth moaned and swore at the top of her lungs. At one point I was worried she would be so loud someone would complain. She began to rub her clit furiously as I continued to fuck her from behind. I quickly pulled out know I was about to explode any minute and didn't want to risk the possibility of impregnating my own sister.

"Why did you stop? Did you cum?" she asked.

"I'm about too!" I replied.

"I want to see it!" she said excitedly.

I began to stroke my dick as she watched but my hands were quickly pulled away by Elizabeth and she started sucking my dick again. Looking down at my naked little sister as she sucked my dick, I could see beads of sweat rolling across her back and down her round ass.

"Here it comes!" I managed to blurt out.

Elizabeth stopped sucking just in time for a huge wad of cum to shoot out of my dick and splatter all over her neck and shoulders. She had a look of shock and awe on her face and she grabbed my dick and a second spasm of cum came flying out and landed on her cheek. Elizabeth started licking the remainder of my cum off my shaft and swirling her tongue around my dick it was the greatest feeling in the world.

A few hours later we were eating pizza down stairs with our parents. That night after we had gone to bed me and Elizabeth fooled around a little and jacked off together before falling asleep. We went home the next morning.

But unlike the saying, what happens in Vegas doesn't always *stay* in Vegas. We no longer masturbate to each other through a wall. Just like when I was a kid, "sessions" with my sister seem to happen naturally after that night in the hotel. A glance toward the bedroom. A tap on the wall. Sometimes even just the right look can signal sexy intentions. She's 16 now, has a rocking set of titties a dick up her ass at least once a week.


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